According to Apple’s latest plan, users can now sign up for a warranty and service plan within 60 days of purchasing apple hardware products. In the United States and Canada, the time window has increased to a maximum of one year.

Apple said in an email to the teams: “this gives customers more opportunities to protect their devices and get all the benefits of AppleCare +.” This offer applies to full price purchase of AppleCare + instead of monthly payment or installment payment via Apple card credit card.

AppleCare + is a high-end technical support service provided by apple for iPhone, MAC, iPad and apple watch, as well as accidental damage. In the case of the iPhone, the service costs about $200, greatly reducing the cost of fixing a broken screen.

giving consumers a longer time to buy AppleCare + may boost sales of the service and boost Apple’s digital services business. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, recently said the new coronavirus epidemic was affecting demand for Apple care.

under the new terms of service, users must have Apple’s retail team staff inspect the device before purchasing AppleCare + to ensure that there is no damage to the device.