At a special event held early this morning, Apple announced that the iPhone 12 series would no longer come with earpods headphones and chargers for environmental reasons, and called on all mobile phone manufacturers to follow suit to achieve less plastic, less electronic waste, fewer duplicate accessories and smaller packaging. Unfortunately, Apple’s green move doesn’t apply to France, where, according to local regulations, iPhones sold in France must come with headphones. At today’s special event, apple said there are more than 2 billion iPhone chargers worldwide, not including third-party manufacturers, and these electronic products will have an environmental impact. In response, Apple plans to achieve a net zero impact on climate in terms of manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030, and iPhone built-in magnet components use 100% recycled rare earth elements. < / P > < p > and the iPhone 12 no longer comes with a 5V / 1A power adapter or earpods wired headset, which means a smaller box will be used. But Apple’s vision of environmental protection goes against French law, which requires smartphone manufacturers to provide headphones for users. < / P > < p > more specifically, the law, which came into effect in 2010, requires that phones sold in France must be equipped with headphones. In the future, phones without headphones in all stores across France will be banned. According to the International Commission on the prevention of non ionizing radiation, the decree stipulates the transmission power of mobile phones. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia