Nearly 2000 workers broke windows and set cars on fire in protest against the pay cut. Indian media said the factory workers suffered from wage arrears and wage cuts. However, Wistron responded that this was not a strike, but a crime. The rioters were outsiders, not employees. The company has paid all the money to the labor agency according to the promised salary, but these companies have been slow to pay the workers. Wan Yong (not his real name) in Bangalore is not surprised. His own company often encounters the situation of workers’ disturbances and strikes. However, it is often solved in private. < / P > < p > he has cooperative contacts with Wistron, but at the moment, he is not worried about the breakdown of the company’s capital chain, and immediately eliminates the conjecture of wage arrears and salary reduction, and speculates that it should be the problem of the labor service company. However, officials in Karnataka state, where narsapur belongs, also pointed out the doubts in the incident. They were puzzled by the way that workers did not report to the labor department, but directly resorted to violence. Therefore, the government is also studying whether there is any external force to incite workers. The Indian government has banned 267 mobile phone applications from China since June 29. While continuing to suppress Chinese enterprises, India is also attracting investors from other countries and regions. Taiwan, China is one of the competitors. India has been trying to take part of the capacity of Taiwan enterprises in Chinese mainland. And Wistron is one of the benchmarks India has been hard to set up. Although it is not clear what the real fuse of the incident is, the violent smashing of factories by workers has undoubtedly cast a heavy shadow on many Taiwan enterprises’ westward entry into India. < p > < p > on December 12, according to the Indian Express, during a shift change, workers said they saw their wages fall, so they discussed gathering after work to destroy senior management offices and factory production lines, leading to an escalation. A local official told the Indian Express that police were investigating the incident. About 2000 workers participated in the day’s protest and more than 130 people have been detained by the police. There are rumors that more than 20000 iPhones have been damaged. < p > < p > Apple insider quoted a worker as saying that despite the factory’s promise to pay engineering graduates 21000 rupees (US $285) a month, they started with 16000 rupees (217 US dollars) and dropped to 12000 rupees (163 US dollars) in the past three months. Some employees claim that the salary is only 500 rupees (US $6.78). As the bad mood intensified, violence broke out in the early hours of the morning. Ashwath Narayan, deputy chief minister of Karnataka, said, “our preliminary investigation shows that the incident was related to non payment of salary, and anger has been brewing for a long time. If workers are faced with such problems, they should approach the labour commissioner or the local commissioner. ” However, jagadish shettar, Minister of large and medium-sized industry from Karnataka, told the economic times of India that “the company (Wistron) told us that they had paid all the money to the labor agency companies, but these companies were slow to pay their workers. We are shocked that workers resort to violence without complaining to the labour sector. The government is also studying whether there are any external forces to incite workers. ” < / P > < p > in response to the violence and destruction incident, weft told Taiwan media that it was not a strike, but a crime. Due to the poor local public order, wetron’s new plant became their target. The rioters were outsiders rather than employees. < p > < p > according to a person familiar with the matter quoted by Taiwan media, wetng has entrusted five Indian labor companies to help Weichuang hire workers, and Weichuang also pays all the money of the labor agency company on time every month according to the promised salary. Therefore, the Indian media said that the pay adjustment of Wegener to its employees was inconsistent with the facts, which should be a dispute between the labor company and the workers. < p > < p > Li Qiao’s company has a factory in Bangalore. He told that the incident would not have any impact on his factory in India or worry about the employment problem in India. “We have a small number of workers, and we are all old employees who have worked for many years, so it is easier to manage them.” However, Wegener’s statement about the security situation in Bangalore is not consistent with Li Qiao’s understanding of the city. “I don’t think there is a public security problem. Maybe it’s because I haven’t passed the epidemic this year.” However, Wan Yong, who is close to Weichuang, believes that public security is only the official speech given by Weichuang. He also did not worry about the financial situation of Wistron. After seeing the arguments about wage arrears and wage cuts on the Internet, he immediately ruled out these voices. “According to my understanding of Taiwan enterprises, it is impossible for Taiwan enterprises to default on wages. Moreover, after this year’s epidemic, India issued a document clearly forbidding wage cuts due to epidemic factors. Foreign funded enterprises pay full salaries, at least all the enterprises I know This is the state. ” However, in his opinion, there are still doubts about the smashing incident, “there was no news released in advance, and we didn’t get the news until it happened. There must be someone in charge of this, and he’s familiar with Wistron. ” < / P > < p > many Indians immediately realized that the image of India would be greatly reduced, especially as the country was trying to undertake the supply chain transferred from China. Praveen Rai, a political analyst in New Delhi, also said that violence and protests by Indian workers had decreased in the past 20 years, but the Wegener incident could change foreign perceptions of India.

‘s India plant, founded by nelswall, is one example of Apple’s ability to shift outward from China’s capacity. The factory is part of the company’s multimillion dollar investment in India. According to the economic times of India, the factory currently has more than 6000 employees making iPhones locally. < / P > < p > in 2017, apple and Wistron reached an agreement to start producing older iPhone models in India. People familiar with the matter said Apple chose Wistron over Foxconn, Apple’s long-term partner, because it has a factory in the southern city of Bangalore that can be used exclusively for iPhone production. According to Wan Yong, the factory is still under expansion. India’s economic times report also shows that in the future, the plant plans to provide other customers with Internet of things products and biotechnology equipment, so as to triple the number of employees to more than 18000. According to the According to information, Apple has been looking for a factory in India for several years, but the situation in India can’t meet their requirements: they have found companies that can produce power adapters or packaging, but none of them can make telephone loudspeakers, headphones or small mechanical parts; some Indian suppliers can’t meet Apple’s environmental and health requirements At a potential plant in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, workers were on strike when Apple suppliers visited < / P > < p > with the increasingly tense Sino US relations, US technology giants are under pressure from Washington, and part of their production capacity is transferred to Southeast Asia and South Asia. < p > < p > and Taiwan, with its large and small technology companies and a strong industrial chain, is naturally the target of India’s efforts. Foxconn, Wistron and Hewlett Packard, three Taiwanese manufacturers, plan to participate in India’s $6.65 billion manufacturing incentive plan (PLI), according to Reuters. The plan aims to help India achieve 0.5% economic growth in five years, mainly by encouraging local electronics manufacturers to produce and attracting investment from large global manufacturers. India plans to replace “made in China” with “made in India” in the field of mobile phones through the incentive plan. Among the plans, Foxconn applied for $542 million, while weft and Hewlett Packard committed $176 million and $163 million respectively, Reuters reported. Apple has also given orders for the iPhone 11 to Hon Hai and Wistron factories in India, leaving only ASUS with no plant in India. However, this violent incident may cast a shadow over their Indian ambitions. And this has become a stain on “made in India.”. The complexity of India’s labor law has been one of the reasons for preventing foreign investors from entering the Indian market. After Indian Prime Minister modi came to power, the amendment of labor law became the core issue of his reform. To this end, the Indian government has consolidated about 44 labor laws into four different wage laws, the labor relations act, the occupational safety, health and working conditions act and the social security act, according to the Indian news network. The government has also repealed 12 laws, making it easier for companies to get licenses and start doing business in India. Modi even called on India to open business. Come on, invest! ” However, India has always been suspicious of foreign capital, and similar disputes have occurred from time to time. In June, workers protested at H & M’s factory in Bangalore. On social networks, Indian users angrily claim that workers have been exploited and abandoned by H & M. Ashwath Narayan, deputy chief minister of Karnataka, mentioned that there have been cases of labor disputes such as the paint factory Mysore paints and the factories of Toyota kolosca bidadi. < p > < p > according to mint, the deadlock between workers and management at Toyota’s kolosca plant lasted more than a month, with both sides refusing to give in. The factory was shut down on November 10. Later, it was under the intervention of the Karnataka government that the company was required to resume operation, and the workers cancelled the strike. < p > < p > the smashing of Apple’s OEM factory is also a microcosm of foreign investment into India: India is worried that the situation of Indian being exploited by foreign capital is more serious. Foreign investors are worried that, after investing in India, a little careless handling of labor and capital issues will be put on the agenda by the Indian government. However, when foreign investors enter India, they often employ workers through local labor companies. According to Wan Yong, when enterprises with Chinese or Taiwan backgrounds come to India, they usually employ only a small number of management personnel. For large numbers of employees, they entrust third-party labor dispatch, and all labor relations are attached to them. With the help of such third-party companies, problems such as contract disputes and the establishment of labor unions can be avoided. However, the quality of labor dispatch companies is uneven, which may bring hidden dangers to enterprises. Weichuang’s incident has been suspected by relevant people and related to the labor agency company. Wan Yong once met a bad third-party labor dispatch company. After he paid the wages to them on time, they detained the money and delayed to pay the workers. < p > < p > and WAN Yong’s impression is that the phenomenon of Indian workers making trouble has always been very common. “It is normal for enterprises to set up factories in India and to recruit people who are in a hurry to be laid off because they are not suitable. Some people will hold a grudge and deliberately sabotage or falsely accuse them. Our company also has a lot of them