Prepear is an app that helps users discover recipes, plan meals, make lists and arrange supermarket deliveries. The app is a derivative of super health kids, whose founders claim they are facing lawsuits from apple.

apple “decided to oppose and pursue the trademark of our small business, saying that our pear logo was too close to their Apple logo, which might damage their brand,” the company said in an instagram post. The post also said the move was a major blow to prepear, while the company chose to keep its original logo, while at the same time conveying a message to large technology companies that bullying small businesses has certain consequences.

it is understood that the company has already launched a petition to persuade apple to “give up its opposition to the prepear logo, and at the same time help prevent large technology companies from abusing their power and pursuing small businesses like ours that are already struggling under the influence of covid-19.”

prepear points out that they are a very small company with only five team members, and that they have already spent thousands of dollars on legal fees and fired one team member for this.

Apple has objected to dozens of small businesses’ trademark applications for fruit related logos, even though these trademarks or industries are different from Apple’s.