Apple has applied for many patents on head mounted displays, at least eight years ago, and its latest patent application is as serious and gloomy as the others. However, regardless of the practical use of the proposal, < / P > < p > in the Apple patent application disclosed this week, the Apple patent called & quot; head mounted display with facial interface is used to sense physiological conditions & quot;, which shows that Apple glasses can record the wearer’s physiological state first, and then act on this information to change the content displayed on the display screen. < / P > < p > in the more than 10000 word patent application, the precise details of measuring this physiological state are introduced in a long way, but the specific meaning is quite short. Then it has a shorter recommended use for the information it collects. Apple said a head mounted display includes a display unit and a facial interface that presents graphic information to the wearer of Apple glasses or other similar devices. < / P > < p > the facial interface is detachably coupled to the display unit and engaged with the facial meshing area of the user’s face, thus the display unit is supported on the user’s face. The facial interface includes physiological sensors for sensing the user’s physiological conditions in the facial meshing area, including force, temperature, humidity, displacement, capacitance and brain activity (EEG) Muscle activity and heart rate. < / P > < p > in other words, when you’re looking at anything the & quot; Apple Glasses & quot; show, the glasses themselves may be looking at you and measuring your reaction. Some of the user reactions may be detected by a second connected device, such as the iPhone. These user feedback parameters are used for physiological identification, evaluation of user fitness, and simply output physiological information for other purposes, such as personal health monitoring, psychological stress level, multi person health research, or uncertain use, even whether the glasses are properly worn. < / P > < p > as you can imagine, if your heart rate is dangerously high, apple glasses can show you the nearest hospital direction. Or, if you’re really standing in the desert, apple glasses can show you cool weather photos, soothe your mood, and become a veritable danger Sensing & quot; Apple Glasses & quot;.