Pressure from Android camp forces apple to change its product strategy of “one machine to break the world”. This year, it has released four new iPhones, which may cause a huge shock in the mobile phone market. Apple held a new product launch at 1 a.m. on October 14, Beijing time, bringing a series of phones with a wide range of expected iphone12. Unlike in previous years, Apple has released four new models, 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, 6.1-inch iPhone 12, 6.1-inch iPhone 12 pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro max, which is unprecedented in the history of iPhone development. Why does apple do this? What is the significance of the iPhone 12 series for apple? Since 2018, smart phones have entered the stock market, with extremely fierce market competition. The sales of mobile phone brands No.1 may change at any time. First, let’s look at the data of Apple iPhone shipments over the years: (/p > < p > Apple has opened the era of smartphones, and has harvested a large number of fruit powder, and the enthusiasm of users for purchasing machines is also very strong. From the data of Apple’s shipments in recent years, the volume of Apple mobile phones has grown year after year, and the growth rate is very fast. By 2015, the iPhone 6S series reached the peak of sales, with an annual sales of 231.3 million. Since then, the annual sales of iPhones have stabilized, without any rapid increase in sales. From the release of iPhone 7 Series in 2016 to the release of the XS Series in 2018, the annual total sales volume has remained at about 210million. According to relevant data, Apple has sold more than 1.14 billion iPhones, and the highest sales are Apple’s iphone6 and 6 plus, up to 220million. As Apple’s first large screen mobile phone, it has been popular among consumers. But next, Apple’s new machine sales have not changed substantially. Although the iPhone has opened the full screen era of apple, its high price has made most people daunted and doomed to be unable to carry the banner of sales. In 2019, the global smartphone shipments were 1.371 billion, down 2.3% year on year, which is the third consecutive year of decline in the mobile phone market. From the manufacturer level, Samsung ranks first with 296million units, followed by Huawei 240 million and apple 196million. Compared with 2018, Apple’s market share has declined significantly, and it is the only one of the top five smartphone manufacturers to see sales decline. As we all know, iPhone pursues a big, small and double flagship strategy once a year. It has a small number of products. Meanwhile, it also faces the siege of various Android mobile phone manufacturers. The product’s super long iteration cycle gradually diminishes its competitiveness. In addition, the iPhone generally has a high price, and it has no advantage for the development of the sinking market. This year, the epidemic situation has made the mobile phone industry suffer a great impact, supply chain is blocked and shut down. IDC, a research firm, predicted that global smartphone shipments would drop 10.6 percent in the first half of this year, and against this backdrop, apple must make changes to respond to market changes to consolidate its position. Unlike Android camp, Apple has a long iPhone iteration cycle, which means that every generation of new machines needs to be the main product sales force for a whole year. However, the mobile phone market is changing rapidly and the new technology of supply chain is constantly breaking through, which makes the upgrading and replacement speed of Android mobile phone accelerate, and the new machines of different brands are continuously on the market. The application of new technologies such as super fast charging, high refresh rate, 100 megapixel and 100 times zoom make the advantages of Android phone strengthen constantly and new functions are more and more popular with consumers. On the contrary, apple, the product strategy of “one machine to break the world” every year needs to face the long product iteration cycle, which is obviously not suitable for the changes of the current mobile phone market. As a result, Apple has expanded its product line this year, and the water test of iPhone se2 proves the success of Apple’s low-cost strategy and makes it taste sweet. For iPhone users, nothing is more attractive than a affordable price. Pricing determines demand, and apple turns the market down through “low price strategy”. Since April, several domestic e-commerce platforms have announced a big price cut on iPhone, especially the most popular iPhone 11, with a maximum price reduction of 1600 yuan, which also makes it the best-selling model in China. Apple’s financial report shows that iPhone sales in China rose 225% in the second quarter of this year, which is the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in China. The second quarter revenue in China was $9.33 billion, and the iPhone 11 series was a great success. It is necessary to refine the product division if the pricing range is wider. So Apple brought four new iPhones with 5g standard, which are all standard. The color of the fuselage is more colorful and the shape is back to the classic design of the iPhone 4 era, especially the iPhone 12 Mini with 5.4-inch screen. The size of the body is smaller than the previous 4.7-inch iPhone 8. In addition, the stack of iphone12 series is very conscientious. All the systems are equipped with xdled screen and A14 chip. Apple has designed a 1 / 1.7-inch 12-pixel dual core focused CMOS for it, highlighting its differentiation. Analysts predict that the 5g iPhone 12 series will bring a super update cycle. Of the nearly 1billion iPhone users in the world, about 350million users will upgrade their iPhones in this time period. If the iPhone 6 has opened the era of big screen of Apple mobile phones, then the iPhone 12 series is the beginning of Apple’s 5g era. Can Apple continue to maintain its position in the mobile phone market and create the sales miracle of the iPhone 6 era, and the four new iPhones will be the best proof. The iPhone 12 series has completed 5g and other pain points, but the high cost also brings the embarrassment of not having a charger attached. But the official cancellation of the charger also gives consumers more choices. 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