Apple announced last week that it would hold its fourth major launch of the year. As with other events this year, the event on November 10 will still be broadcast online. Apple didn’t disclose much of what it planned to release, except that the theme of the meeting was “one more thing.”. But users will expect the first MAC devices with Apple’s own chips, which the company has previously said will be available by the end of this year. < / P > < p > last month, Apple released the long-awaited iPhone 12 series of smartphones, with four different models. A month back, Apple released two new Apple watches, two new iPads, a new fitness subscription service and a subscription package. In June, apple detailed several software updates at its annual global developer conference. In March and April, when the outbreak began to force Americans to segregate at home, the new MacBook Air, iPad pro and low-cost iPhone Se were relatively quiet. < / P > < p > a large number of Apple fans are bound to watch this week’s launch, but in fact, it also raises a question: does Apple release too many products? < / P > < p > although Apple’s re launch may cause complaints from some, the world’s most valuable company may not be hurt. < / P > < p > it’s not just apple that launches new products. Affected by the epidemic, this year’s science and technology industry is full of various online live activities, Samsung and Google and other rivals are also competing to launch their own several new products. “I think that magic will disappear in a while, especially in these online activities,” said William Stofega, project director of mobile device technology and trends at IDC, a market research firm “It’s hard to focus on live online when someone else is in your apartment.” < / P > < p > although early demand for the iPhone 12 seems to be strong, it remains to be seen whether the new Mac and other Apple products that are expected to appear at Tuesday’s launch will achieve similar results. “When you’re struggling with an epidemic, you want to hear positive messages,” stofiga said. Obviously the iPhone and some media products will get more attention, but It’s a little redundant if it’s too frequent. ” < / P > < p > it is worth noting that Apple’s product launch this year has been delayed. The outbreak affected Apple’s global supply chain, delaying production of the iPhone 12 by several weeks, forcing apple to postpone the launch of the iPhone 12 from the usual mid September to October. < / P > < p > for apple and many of the companies that host similar events, live online has little harm. Making an hour’s video is much cheaper and more efficient than hosting hundreds of journalists and analysts at Apple’s headquarters. Although frequent events can make people feel tired, more activities are bound to mean more attention to their products. “Especially now, people are spending more time at home and in the media, and apple is taking advantage of that,” said Maurice klaehne, an analyst at counterpoint research, a market research firm “The participation of these live online shows is good, and holding more activities seems to attract the attention of the audience.” “While apple did add more new products this year, it didn’t have a negative impact on the company,” Krahn said “From the recent results, Apple’s revenue has increased in all areas.” < / P > < p > with the slowdown of Apple’s hardware sales, the company has paid more attention to the service business and launched more products such as apple one subscription package. The upcoming launch will help Apple further advance its service ambitions. Analysts have previously said that the Mac’s use of Apple’s own chips will enable Apple’s software and services to work together across different devices. “While Apple has historically benefited from hardware sales, service revenue is still growing,” he said “More new products will only help companies increase service revenue.” [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States