According to a new Apple support document released on Friday, if a user puts an iPhone in a leather case while charging with Apple’s new MagSafe charger, the leather case may show round marks due to contact with the accessory. < p > < p > Apple’s leather case for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro won’t be available until November 6, but some macrumors readers have shared a photo of the circular imprint on Apple’s silicone case, so it seems that other cases may also be affected. It’s possible that the round mark is most prominent on the leather cover, triggering Apple’s warning. < / P > < p > Apple said users should not put credit cards, security badges, passports or keychains between iPhones and MagSafe chargers, as they could damage the magnetic stripe or RFID chip of these items. < p > < p > Apple said that if the iPhone’s battery temperature is too high when charging with MagSafe, the software may limit charging to more than 80%. < / P > < p > Apple said that to clean MagSafe chargers, you first need to disconnect the charger and brush off any debris from the metal ring. Apple then said it would wipe the middle of the silicone in the charging area with a soft, slightly wet, lint free cloth. Apple said it could not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or detergents containing hydrogen peroxide. < / P > < p > all models of the iPhone 12 series support new MagSafe technology, which can connect magnetic accessories to the back of the device, including Apple’s MagSafe charger, for more accurate wireless charging. Apple also offers a MagSafe based leather credit card bag that should start reaching customers in the next few weeks. Global Tech