Just yesterday, there were rumors that Apple headquarters was recording the iPhone 12 launch. Now, leaksapplepro shares the same prerecorded keynote details, some of which may disappoint you.

as for the apple watch series 6, leakspalepro believes that the upcoming wearable device will not be a major upgrade to the apple watch series 5, although it is rumored that it will be equipped with a finer border with the ability to detect panic attacks and blood oxygen levels. As for the iPhone 12 family, we’re going to get the same model, but the camera will be improved, the memory will be increased, and each device will have an A14 bionic processor. Each iPhone 12 will have a flatter edge similar to the iPad pro, and more advanced versions may use the same metal frame as the iPhone 4 to increase its appeal. Although he might mean that this year’s product line will remain the same size as the iPhone 11’s.

next, he claimed that Apple might introduce at least two new arm based Macs. The company also said the first MAC to flaunt Apple silicon will be available later this year in its 2020 WWDC keynote address, but did not specify whether it will run on MacBook or IMAC. It looks like we’ll find out next month. In addition, there seems to be no change in the iPad. It is obvious that this low-cost iPad 8 maintains the same 10.2-inch display as the iPad 7, and uses a powerful A12 bionic SOC processor. Apple’s wireless charging pad airpower seems to have not been completed yet, so we will hear some relevant news in the keynote speech of iPhone 12. So far, leakspalepro claims that this is all the important information he has heard. Global Tech

By ibmwl