Apple has launched a brand new accessory certification ecological chain made for MagSafe. The protective cover, car charging, card bag and future magnetic suction accessories are expected to be added to MFM. The made for MagSafe logo was first displayed on Apple’s overseas official website. According to the screenshot, the car wireless charger produced by MagSafe magnetic suction module can ensure that the iPhone 12 or iPhone Pro can be safely adsorbed on the wireless charger on bumpy roads. < / P > < p > both belong to the authentication of Apple ecological chain. We can infer the authentication process of made for MagSafe by referring to the authentication process of MFI. The following is a flow chart of MFI certification obtained from micro test of charging head network: < / P > < p > the flow chart clearly shows the specific steps of a non MFI manufacturer from applying for Apple account, becoming a member, to obtaining MFI certification and marketing. First of all, if you want to obtain MFI chip, you must pass MFI certification, and the enterprise needs to submit materials to apple. Then Apple will review the various qualifications of the enterprise. If it passes the audit, it will become a member of MFI and have the qualification to purchase MFI chip. But getting MFI membership does not mean that you can always hold it. If the operation steps do not meet Apple’s requirements, it may be disqualified at any time. < / P > < p > at the same time, the charging head network also learned that the MFI certification cycle is generally more than 40 working days, including MFI member application (20 working days), Deloitte Factory review (10 working days), product forecast and inspection (10 working days). The specific time depends on the complexity of the product, and you can learn about the certification details from the certification service provider. < / P > < p > at present, Apple has opened the sales of MagSafe protective case magnetic suction module, and the third-party accessory manufacturers who have obtained Apple MFI qualification can directly purchase the magnetic suction module for MagSafe protective shell through apple agent Amway. < / P > < p > the screenshot in the background of Amway’s official website shows that the module type number is mfi677-23635-samples; the type is MagSafe case attach module; the manufacturer is MFI. In terms of quotation, the unit price of the module is US $3.4 (about RMB 22.7 in total), and the delivery time for purchasing 50 sets of modules is one week. < p > < p > previously, it has been reported by charging head network that Apple will bring the iPhone 12 magnetic suction wireless charging accessories into the MFI certification system. However, to our surprise, Apple will launch a new certification logo made for MagSafe accessories. < / P > < p > after Apple opened the MagSafe protection case magnetic suction module authorization, a third-party accessory manufacturer has successively received samples. MagSafe magnet module was exposed for the first time. It is believed that a large number of third-party MagSafe protective cases of iPhone 12 series will be launched one after another in the near future. < / P > < p > it can be seen from the explosion video that the MagSafe magnetic suction module is in the shape of a white sheet, and the four corners are all rounded. There is a ring pattern on the front with magnet embedded; the back is self-adhesive design. When applying, you only need to open the mold of protective shell according to Apple’s specified size, and then paste the magnetic suction module on it. < / P > < p > at present, Apple’s online and offline stores all have a certified MagSafe magnetic suction wireless charging protective shell, which uses MagSafe magnetic suction protection shell module inside. < / P > < p > Belkin MagSafe car holder is equipped with a powerful magnetic module to ensure that the iPhone 12 does not drop accidentally when charging, even on bumpy roads. < p > < p > Belkin MagSafe 3-in-1 wireless charging stand is inspired by the architecture. There are an iPhone magnetic charging stand and an apple watch magnetic charging stand at both ends of the stainless steel bracket, and airpods wireless charging position is also set on the base. The wireless charger can provide 15W wireless fast charging for the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > OtterBox MagSafe mobile phone protective case is divided into two series, figure and aneu. Both series have built-in original MagSafe magnetic absorption wireless charging module of apple, so as to ensure that the magnetic absorption performance of the mobile phone will not be affected after the protective case is put on. < / P > < p > since Apple launched the first lightning interface, Apple has gradually established a strong and complete MFI certification system, covering all lightning related data cables, headphones, mobile power supply, etc., as well as apple watch magnetic charging stand and other product accessories. Obtaining MFI authorization has also become an embodiment of the technical strength and product quality of Apple accessories manufacturers. < / P > < p > made for MagSafe is similar to MFI. For apple, the part related to MagSafe magnetic induction wireless charging is separated to form a new authentication system, which is convenient for systematic management. For the third-party accessory manufacturers, the made for MagSafe certification system makes the production of compliant MagSafe accessories reliable and avoids detours. For the market and consumers, Apple’s made for MagSafe certification system helps to standardize the market and provide consumers with more high-quality MagSafe accessories. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities