Today, Apple launched the official version of IOS 14.2.9, which fixed a lot of bugs. One of the small problems bothered a lot of Apple fans since the time of IOS 13. At that time, everyone thought that it was their own hands that caused the wrong input, but they didn’t expect that it was Apple’s own bug. In the upgrade log of IOS 14.2.9, apple mentioned a bug correction that the keyboard in the lock screen may be missing when you try to enter a password. It said that when you enter a password when you lock the screen, the keyboard in IOS may miss the user’s input, resulting in incorrect password. < / P > < p > in this case, most people may not think that this is a bug, but feel that they have lost the wrong, and then try again and again. Anyway, there is always right, and things will pass.

, micro-blog @Kang, also can’t help but make complaints about this problem. “Our iOS users have endured this problem for over a year, from iOS13 to iOS14. But the most terrible thing is not to endure the bug, but that many people feel that they have problems with their hands for more than a year? If Android, your official forum will be bombed out. ” < / P > < p > this problem has been forwarded by a large number of netizens, and now it has more than 13000 turns. For the first time, many people realize that this is a bug, not their own wrong input. < / P > < p > now this stem is very familiar with apple powder and Android powder. It’s also a ten thousand year old stem. When Android users encounter a bug, they will say that it’s a problem with Android system. When apple powder encounters a bug, even apple powder will comfort itself. It’s its own problem. Apple design is no problem. Global Tech