Apple will release the iPhone 12 series phone tomorrow evening. Although many people expect no 120Hz high brush, there are still many selling points for this upgrade, which fully supports 5g. The iPhone 12 supports 5g on Qualcomm’s 5g baseband, which has been a lawsuit between the two sides over the past two years. However, Qualcomm’s patents on baseband are too strong for apple to bypass, and finally settle. Apple spent $4.5 billion on its licensing fee to return to Qualcomm baseband. The high pass 5g baseband is replaced with

< p > which may bring about two changes. One is mobile phone signal. Before, the iPhone and other mobile phones have been questioned for a long time. If there is no signal problem, fruit powder is very uncomfortable. Second, after 5g, Apple’s iPhone 12 should also upgrade its RF system. Supporting Beidou navigation is a new function worthy of expectation. It is not a big but not small issue about Beidou support for iPhone. It can be said that China’s Beidou system has no global positioning service capability. It is different now. In the first half of this year, it has completed global coverage in advance. “” [Beidou] has cooperated with mobile phone manufacturers very much, and only apple mobile phones have not cooperated in China, “said ran Chengqi, director of China satellite navigation system management office and spokesman for Beidou satellite navigation system This will have a negative impact on Apple’s marketing and promotion in China. It is not that positioning will be better immediately after supporting Beidou system, but it is beyond the support of Beidou. Android system has solved this problem whether Qualcomm or Huawei or Lianfa chip. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract