In September 2013, at the iPhone 5s conference, Apple introduced the Touch ID function based on fingerprint recognition to the world, which opened the trend of fingerprint recognition in the entire smartphone industry.

Four years later, Apple replaced Touch ID with Face ID on the latest iPhone X, and face recognition began to sweep the entire industry. Since then, Touch ID disappeared without a trace on the three new iPhones.

But in fact, Touch ID has not been abandoned by Apple.

The latest news shows that Apple may use both Face ID and Touch ID based on-screen fingerprint recognition in the latest iPhone in 2021.

Touch ID will appear again, with fingerprint recognition under the screen
Recently, some relatively authoritative sources of information have talked about Touch ID news one after another.

Just in mid-January 2020, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has been following Apple for a long time, reported on Apple’s product plans in the new generation of iPhone; he said that Apple does not intend to make a very radical update to this year’s iPhone, but there is a new The function is very critical-the fingerprint reader under the screen.