As the only smartphone in the Chinese market that does not support Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS), Apple’s iPhone will soon announce its support for BDS. It is reported that Apple’s new iPhone 12 will start to support Beidou navigation, which has not been supported by previous generations of iPhones.

ran Chengqi, spokesman for Beidou satellite navigation system and director of China satellite navigation office, said in an interview with the media on Wednesday: “Apple will use Beidou navigation system sooner or later, because if the Beidou system is easy to use, they will certainly use a better navigation system.”

and the latest news today seems to confirm ran Chengqi’s statement. It is mentioned that Apple has debugged the performance of the iPhone 12 series, including the compatibility test of Beidou navigation. In addition, the news said that after the new Apple conference was over, Apple Corp will announce in its official website that the new generation iPhone will support the Beidou satellite navigation system, so as to reduce users make complaints about products.

Beidou satellite navigation system is a large-scale space-based system in China and one of the four global navigation networks. The other four global navigation networks include GPS of the United States, GLONASS of Russia and Galileo of the European Union.

ran Chengqi said at a news conference on Monday that most of the smart phones sold in China support Beidou Positioning, and smart phones that support high-precision applications have come into the market.

Apple has said that Beidou satellite navigation system is already part of the existing positioning data system of its product iPhone 11. However, taking the latest iPhone 11 series as an example, apple China official website shows that iPhone 11’s positioning function supports GPS, GNSS, digital compass, wireless LAN, cellular network and iBeacon micro positioning, and almost all kinds of technologies are all available. Make complaints about Beidou system, but this is why Apple is tucking up many netizens. Huawei’s P40 lists the above four systems separately. Samsung S10 +, oppo Xiaomi and other mobile phone brands also support Beidou satellite navigation system.

according to ran Chengqi, the global positioning accuracy of Beidou system is more than 10 meters, and the timing accuracy is more than 20 nanoseconds, which is even better in the Asia Pacific region. Ran Chengqi said that so far, Beidou system has been used in transportation, public security, disaster relief, agriculture and urban governance, and has been integrated into China’s important infrastructure construction, including power, finance and telecommunications.

at present, the service of Beidou satellite navigation system covers more than 200 countries and regions, with more than 100 million users and more than 200 million daily services. In addition, Beidou satellite navigation system products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, serving hundreds of millions of users. The service based on Beidou system has been successfully applied in surveying and mapping, agriculture and digital construction in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa.