Apple acquired the music recognition app Shazam in 2018, and now it’s integrated into IOS – a new music recognition feature that can recognize songs playing around you and in apps on your phone, and even when you listen to music with headphones. The new feature exists as a switch in the control center, but if you want to try it out now, you must upgrade to the developer beta of IOS 14.2. < / P > < p > this switch will look like a little Shazam icon, just click on it, and the phone will start to detect music playing nearby. < / P > < p > users have also been able to use Siri to summon Shazam and identify songs playing around, and it can be convenient to identify music in the app, for example, when you want to know what songs creators have picked for their tiktok or YouTube Videos. < / P > < p > interestingly, Android users have been able to use Shazam to identify music played through headphones since June 2019, and it is unclear why it took more than a year for the feature to reach IOS. < / P > < p > we’re not sure when the final IOS 14.2 might arrive, but with the new iPhone coming out sometime in October, maybe we’ll see a new version at that time. Global Tech