Google pays Apple billions of dollars a year to ensure its search engine’s default search status on Apple devices such as the iPhone. Apple is stepping up its efforts to develop its own web search technology and explore the establishment of its own search tools, given the lawsuit filed by the US Department of justice threatening Google’s deal with apple. < p > < p > the latest version of the iPhone operating system, IOS 14, has seen a subtle change, with apple showing its own search results and linking directly to the site as users type information from the home screen. < / P > < p > many industry insiders said that the emergence of this kind of online search function marks an important progress in Apple’s internal development, which may lay the foundation for more comprehensive competition launched by Google search. < / P > < p > Apple is notoriously tight lipped about its internal projects, but the move further proves that the company is committed to building a rival to Google’s search engine. Two and a half years ago, apple poached John giannandrea, Google’s head of search. The recruitment was ostensibly aimed at improving Apple’s AI capabilities and Siri’s virtual assistant capabilities, but at the same time, giandrea also brought with him eight years of experience in Google’s search engine. < / P > < p > if U.S. regulators block the cooperation between Google and apple, the latter’s growing internal search capabilities will provide an alternative. Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit over Google’s payment to apple to become the default search tool for the iPhone, adding to the urgency of the move. “Apple has a trustworthy team and I think they have the experience and the ability to build a universal search engine if they want to,” said Bill Coughran, a former engineering director at Google Kuffland is currently a partner of Sequoia Capital, an investment firm in Silicon Valley. < / P > < p > it’s easy to see Apple’s ambition from its frequent advertising for search engineers. In its job ads, apple invited job seekers to “define and implement Apple’s breakthrough search technology architecture.”. Search marketing experts also point out that Apple’s once obscure robot, applebot, has increased its activity. As Apple’s little-known web crawler, applebot is used to build huge online databases, which are the basis of any search engine. Sugantan mohanadasan, a digital marketing consultant, says applebot has been “outrageous” on his client’s website in recent weeks. “When the grab frequency goes up, it means they are trying to collect more information.” < / P > < p > most importantly, IOS 14 has pushed Google search aside in some search functions. In the updated system, users can access the search window by swiping right from the iPhone’s home screen, a feature Apple calls “today’s view.”. The results show a list of search suggestions generated by apple, not Google search results. Apple’s “autocomplete” style suggestions are included in these search results, indicating that apple is learning from the query behavior most commonly used by one billion users. < / P > < p > it may take years to create a real competitor for Google’s search engine. But according to the latest statistics, Apple’s profit this year is expected to exceed $55 billion, and its cash reserves will reach $81 billion. Therefore, apple is able to make long-term investment in this field. < / P > < p > today, regulators are forcing apple to choose between defending its relationship with Google or breaking up with its long-term partner in search, and apple is increasingly motivated to change that. The U.S. Department of justice estimates that Google pays Apple $8 billion to $12 billion a year to become the default search engine for Apple devices such as iPhones. The agency listed the deal at the heart of Google’s antitrust case. < p > < p > the case “opens up another front for Apple” beyond Apple’s legal action against companies such as Epic Games over Apple’s app store control, said sharis Pozen, CO head of global antitrust at Clifford Chance and a former acting assistant prosecutor at the US Department of justice. “Apple will be at the heart of the case,” she said, adding that Apple had to be “careful” in explaining why it was getting billions of dollars from Google. < / P > < p > she said the U.S. Department of justice may ask for the termination of the exclusive agreement to allow other players in the search field to have equal access to the iPhone’s default search engine status. < / P > < p > Apple has also experienced setbacks in competing with Google. Apple maps often went wrong when it first went online in 2012, and Scott Forstall, one of the top aides to co-founder Steve Jobs, was forced to resign. < / P > < p > but apple is one of the few companies with rich resources to build a Web index from scratch. Most of Google’s smaller competitors, including duckduckgo, which focuses on user privacy, and neeva, a Silicon Valley start-up founded by two former Google executives, get their index from Bing. < / P > < p > “Apple’s position is unique because of its iPhone and IOS system. It controls the default browser, “said Sridhar Ramaswamy, co-founder of neeva and former advertising director at Google. Expanding its search business “feels natural” to apple, he said, because it has the ability to collect data and learn from large-scale user behavior. < / P > < p > more than 20 years after Google was founded, building a search engine “is still very difficult in technology, but it’s not as difficult as it used to be,” says neeva investor kuvlan, who invested $35 million in neeva. This is partly due to apple and start-ups like neeva, which have access to cheaper cloud computing infrastructure and a host of open source tools. < / P > < p > nevertheless, the scale of search engines is daunting. “Any search engine that is available must have an active index of 20 to 50 billion pages,” says lamarswamy When a user makes a query, the retrieval system must filter a large amount of data, and then sort the results in milliseconds. < / P > < p > “Google’s strength comes from scale,” he said, adding that endless user feedback helps adjust results and determine direction for improvement. “Google receives hundreds of millions of queries from users around the world every minute, which is a huge advantage in terms of data.” Global Tech