Apple is seeking tax breaks from the U.S. government for domestic chip production, suggesting that Apple’s goal may be to move more iPhone manufacturing to the United States. According to the second and third quarter lobbying disclosure reports, Apple has visited officials of the U.S. Treasury, Congress and the White House on tax issues, including tax credits for domestic semiconductor production, according to the report. < / P > < p > Apple has designed many chips of its own, including the A-Series chips used on iphoneipads and apple silicon chips for future Macs. Although the development of the chip was completed in Cupertino, the production was outsourced to Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company TSMC. < p > < p > learned that Tim Powderly, Apple’s senior employee and head of federal government affairs, is leading Apple’s lobbying efforts. Cynthia Hogan, Apple’s former policy director, left the company in May after being elected to be a member of Joe Biden’s vice presidential election committee. < / P > < p > most Apple products are produced overseas, but the 2013 Mac Pro was made in Austin, Texas. The Texas plant is also responsible for the final assembly of the new Mac Pro model, and apple intends to make other products at the plant after obtaining a tariff exemption. In May, TSMC announced plans to open an advanced chip factory in Arizona. When the plant is completed, it is expected to be responsible for the production of 5nm chips. Apple’s latest A-Series devices use A14 chip based on 5nm technology. Global Tech