Apple is scrambling for the cake with “apple of the auto industry” (Tesla). Apple is working with TSMC to develop autopilot chips and explore the possibility of establishing a factory in the United States, according to Digitimes. Moreover, on the day before the news of the core message, there were reports that the automatic driving Department of Apple was adjusted by AI veteran John Giannandrea to take charge of the subsequent development of Apple’s autopilot system. According to the automobile industry chain news, Apple has recently established a plan to set up factories and production in the United States, and has begun to cooperate with the upstream and downstream of global automotive electronic supply chain to further understand the current technical specifications, quotation and future technology growth potential. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that this prediction is very close to Guo Mingqi’s prediction report released in 2018 – Guo Mingqi predicts that Apple will bring consumers L4 or L5 full-automatic driving, and that Apple car may come out in 2023-2025. This model will become the next Apple Mingxing product, because Apple has great advantages in software, hardware and service integration. At the same time,

also pointed out that TSMC will produce customized chips for “Apple Car’s driver assistance system”. From Digitimes’s report, the forecast is approaching reality again, it is reported that apple is working with TSMC to develop an autopilot auto chip. It is reported that the company has already launched the research and development of its own gap technology with Apple’s gallium nitride (CSP) technology, which has been integrated with Apple’s gallium (GAP) technology. TSMC has said that power Gan and Gan IC product technology have better benefits in the same process, which can help Italian semiconductor to provide solutions for medium and high power applications, including converters and chargers for hybrid vehicles. < / P > < p > in fact, apple and TSMC have cooperated for many times. At present, TSMC produces the A-Series processor used in the iPhone iPad and the M1 chip on the Mac. < / P > < p > but interestingly, Tesla is also working with TSMC to develop autopilot chips, and its upcoming hw4.0 chip may be mass produced in the fourth quarter of 2021. Apple and Tesla are once again “meeting” on car chip manufacturing. Citing relevant industry insiders, DIGITIMES pointed out that the apple car model is similar to Tesla, and the market supply chain overlap rate is high. Based on Apple’s strong control over the supply chain, suppliers should be quickly identified to ensure supply. < / P > < p > at present, many industry suppliers have begun to send samples for preliminary negotiation with apple, and the list of Apple car supply chain may be gradually announced in 2021. < / P > < p > in addition, it is worth mentioning that Hon Hai Group recently announced its entry into the field of electric vehicles and demonstrated a number of related automotive technologies. According to market forecast, the move of Hon Hai Group is also for apple, a big customer. < / P > < p > in fact, before Titan, Apple had implemented the IOS in the car program, that is, to develop Carplay car system and enter the field of Internet of vehicles. However, Apple’s ambition in the automotive field is obviously more than that. The real purpose of Apple’s car making is to directly subvert the whole industry with a model stronger than the iPhone. < / P > < p > it has been reported that Apple was preparing to build an electric self driving car with apple characteristics at that time, and it put forward a lot of crazy concepts, including integrating AR or holographic technology in front gear and windows, heat absorbing roof made of special polymer and color changing glass similar to broadcasting 787.

in order to achieve this goal, apple began large-scale recruitment, from the automotive industry and other related fields (such as battery technology and automatic driving system) digging; and Tesla is one of the goals. < / P > < p > later, Doug field, the leader of Apple’s autonomous driving department, was also employed back to apple from Tesla. Doug field was the vice president of Apple’s MAC hardware engineering, and later spent five years at Tesla, responsible for vehicle engineering and manufacturing of model 3. < / P > < p > the return of Doug field also rejuvenated the tired “Titan project” at that time. It is speculated that “Apple’s car making heart is not dead”. However, with Apple’s new round of personnel adjustment, Doug field was replaced by John giannandrea, senior vice president of artificial intelligence.

according to Bloomberg December 9, 2020 report, Apple’s automatic driving Department has been replaced by John Giannandrea and is fully responsible for the subsequent development of Apple’s automatic driving system. Hundreds of engineers from Doug Field and its team will be merged into Giannandrea’s AI and machine learning team. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that even though Apple’s car building plan has been severely damaged, Apple has never given up on the exploration of talents in the field of automatic driving. By the end of 2019, Apple had poached more than 300 people from Tesla. < / P > < p > if you can’t get along with Tesla, you’re going to work at Apple. Apple hired the people we fired, and we often joked that Apple was Tesla’s grave. < / P > < p > although it is still some time before Apple car is launched, it has indicated that there will be a battle between apple and Tesla since Apple decided to enter the field of autonomous driving. In fact, the founders of Volkswagen, such as munsures, did not pose a substantial challenge to the joint venture of GM, such as those in the gensures. < / P > < p > in his view, only Apple could compete with Tesla if the iPhone maker entered the market segment.

although Apple rarely disclosed its progress in the automatic driving project, apple CEOTim Cook said publicly in 2017:

we are concentrating on the automatic driving system. This is a very important core technology. Apple regards it as the mother of all AI projects, because it may be one of the most difficult AI projects. < / P > < p > from the exposure of foreign media, Apple has been making a layout of its autopilot projects. In this way, gene Munster’s premise is enough to ignore. In addition to gene Munster, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty also believes that “apple and Tesla are more likely to be rivals than partners in the future.”.

Katy Huberty said that in the next 20 years, Tesla could embark on a development path similar to the “iPhone giant”. This is precisely the path of Apple’s R & D auto driving vehicle, which is to build its own Internet Ecosystem in the future self driving electric vehicle, so that iOS users can continue to use Apple’s various Internet services in the car. < p > < p > Katy Huberty believes that Apple will control the entire car experience of its apple car and will establish a “vertical system solution”, and Apple hopes to have a place in the automotive industry. < / P > < p > it is reported that Apple has invested as much as $19 billion in automobile R & D in 2020; for comparison, the R & D amount of the whole automobile industry is about 8 billion to 100 billion US dollars. Analysts believe that Apple’s massive influx of money into its self driving program could be “disruptive” to the car market. Judging from the current autopilot market, Tesla may be the first to be hit. Global Tech