Apple patents show that future MacBook Pro designs may use homepod technology to sense the user’s environment and adjust playback to enhance audio. When a user sets up or moves a homepod, it automatically scans its room for something. The most obvious is the second homepod, and then the two will work together. However, it also adjusts its audio output according to the size of the room, the proximity of the walls, etc. < / P > < p > it does this to let it know that to adjust the output of its speakers, the output of those speakers will be bounced back to the wall. This is done to adjust the volume and stereo diffusion of the signal. Apple seems to be considering these features for future MacBook Pro models. < / P > < p > Apple’s title “enhancing the listening experience by adjusting the physical properties of the audio playback system based on the detected system environment properties” is an amazing short patent application. In about 12000 words, apple did not specify a homepods or macbook pro design, and the main example and all the drawings at that time were “laptop or laptop personal computing device, which may include a flip top shape. And the “flip” design is of great significance, because Apple’s patent application holds that the hinged case of notebook computers can provide support, and such one or more surfaces can also be used as reflected sound waves, reflecting sub components to emit sound waves. < / P > < p > Apple said in its patent that a pair of acoustic emission subcomponents will form part of the sensing device. The camera can be used to detect any suitable environmental attributes of the environment, such as the geometry of the environment space, including size, height, width and / or depth, user position and / or orientation. As a result, when you open the lid of a future MacBook Pro, its speakers may emit homepod style sound beams, while sensors can infer how much space there is. Apple’s patent application focuses more on the process than on what it’s for, but it does say it’s adjusting the physical properties of the audio playback system. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park