Apple will unveil new Apple glass and arm MAC on October 27 after the iPhone 12 online launch on Tuesday, Sept. 8, according to people familiar with the matter. @Ihacktu claims that along with the iPhone 12 series of smartphones will come a new generation of Apple watch smart watches and iPad tablets. In addition, Apple may throw out an improved version of airpower wireless charger during the keynote address, even if the earlier version has been cancelled for some reason.

as for the new product launch on October 27, it is expected to be specially prepared for the new generation of iPad Pro tablets. As for whether Apple will change the online release to live broadcast, it is not known.

more interestingly, @ ihacktu speculated that Apple would announce the so-called “Apple glass” augmented reality device at the event. But unless it’s live (rather than live), we’re unlikely to see it.

this was confirmed by the informant Jon Prosser, who claimed that the price was $499 (about 3500 RMB) and supported medical lenses.

However, the early apple glass is more likely to be designed as an accessory to a smartphone, rather than a separate AR function from the iPhone.

it is said that the entry-level iPhone 12 will be equipped with rear Dual Camera + 4GB storage, while the pro model is expected to adopt rear three camera + 120Hz promotion display + 6GB storage. In addition, Apple may have solved the problem of overheating after the first generation of airpower wireless chargers failed.

as for the legendary Apple watch series 6, it has better waterproof properties and larger batteries, which can help track sleep quality and other function upgrades.