Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 12 without an AC power adapter, but it may do the same for previously released devices such as the iPhone se. The lack of a charging head in the box is said to be a cost saving move for this year’s iPhone. Apple also stopped shipping Apple watch series 6 power adapters for environmental reasons. < p > < p > in a tweet on Tuesday, mark gurman of Bloomberg said that Apple would also stop charging heads attached to previously released iPhone models if they were still on sale. But it’s not clear which existing iPhone models, in addition to the iPhone se, will continue to be sold with the updated & quot; iPhone 12 & quot; product line. < / P > < p > although gulman didn’t specify, his prediction suggests that Apple may change the packaging of current iPhone models to reflect the lack of charging accessories. < / P > < p > Apple has long been rumored to be turning to wireless charging for its flagship iPhone, and analyst Kuo has predicted that the company may move to & quot; full wireless experience & quot; by 2021;. Apple is also rumored to be developing a small wireless charging adapter to replace airpower. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region