After its first autumn launch earlier this week, Apple released a tvos 14 software update for Apple TV set-top box users today. It is reported that it is designed for the fourth and fifth generation Apple TV models, which have undergone several months of beta testing. If you are interested, you can get the OTA update package through the settings app on Apple TV. If automatic update is not enabled, you can also enter the “system – & gt; software update” menu for manual update. < p > < p > macrumors points out that tvos 14 brings a global picture in picture feature so that users can perform other operations on Apple TV without interrupting video playback (through a small floating window in the corner of the screen). < / P > < p > in addition, the “home” part of Apple TV control center allows users to control the devices connected to homekit through the TV terminal, and even view the pictures of homekit security cameras in large screen / picture in picture mode. < p > < p > the apple arcade game app on Apple TV also supports multiple accounts, so that each tvos user can keep his own game level, ranking and other records. It is worth mentioning that Apple arcade also supports xboxelite generation 2 wireless handle and adaptive controller (compatible with touch feedback and other functions). < / P > < p > users can also manually select the screen saver in tvos 14. YouTube supports viewing 4K resources for the first time, and Apple TV now supports audio sharing with airpods (that is, two people can connect the airpods headset to the set-top box at the same time). < / P > < p > finally, Apple TV will have a new fitness app and fitness + subscription service later this year for $9.99 a month. Skip to content