On Thursday, apple offered a cash incentive to local developers to develop the app. Apple has looked at a number of ways to determine which apps get more use in real life, and then allocate bonuses to developers based on usage. However, Apple has not made it clear that it will pay bonuses to app store developers, nor has it given a specific amount. < / P > < p > but in a patent called “usage based bonus pool allocation,” Apple details which developers can earn rewards. “The current description relates to incentives for developers to develop applications, including the distribution of bonuses to developers based on the usage of the application,” the application said < / P > < p > obviously, Apple’s ultimate goal is to reward developers who develop apps that users rely more on. The more such apps, the more people use them, and the more they use Apple devices. < / P > < p > this patent application does not pay special attention to how developers can let users continue to use their application. The main goal is “1) to have a meaningful interaction with an application (such as a game); 2) to use the application on multiple devices; 3) to encourage non addictive user behavior to obtain healthy stickiness”. < / P > < p > in addition, patent applications focus entirely on the mechanism of determining when any given developer will be rewarded and then how much. There is no mention of funding anywhere in the document, because its core is the establishment of a “fixed bonus pool.”. The foundation of the bonus pool may be apple, and then follow specific rules to determine who should receive how much. < / P > < p > therefore, developers can receive a bonus based on whether users pass a specific “threshold” (set by Apple) or not, and do it in a specific way and at a specific time. Apple did not disclose details of the cash award or the source of the money. < / P > < p > Apple arade developers may be using this feature now, but none of them will disclose any details about it. This patent application belongs to four inventors, of which only Dana J. Dubois has applied for a patent, which is related to providing purchase recommendation to users. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities