Because more than 23 wildfires are raging in the state. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, announced the donation, urging people near the affected areas to “stay safe” and follow evacuation orders from state officials.

“for employees, friends and neighbors affected by the heat wave and the spread of fires across California, please stay safe and obey local evacuation orders,” cook tweeted. “Apple will contribute to the local wildfire rescue work.”

it is still unclear how much Apple will contribute to wildfire, although the company offered to donate $1 million in 2017 and to match employees for similar jobs. It is also unclear which organizations or institutions will receive the contribution.

California’s wildfire season, coupled with the new crown pandemic and blackouts associated with massive heat waves, is causing losses to government resources. California Governor John Newson said on Wednesday that federal funds for fighting wildfires were “running out of money,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

since 2020, there have been 6754 fires in California, an increase from about 4000 in the same period in 2019. Governors of neighboring states have sent personnel and equipment to help with the fire. Global Tech