Since its first launch in 2007, prores video codec supporting full resolution and various frame output has been widely used in the film and television industry. In early 2020, Apple also released beta software for Windows platform to help Adobe productivity suite process Pro res raw files on non MAC devices. Now, prores has also won the Emmy Award for the 2020 project. According to the Television Academy, apple prores video codec has made extensive improvements to the existing methods and is innovative in nature, which has a substantial impact on film and television production, recording, transmission and reception. < / P > < p > the academy also praised the prores codec for maintaining the quality of the original video, and apple for its innovative algorithm of fast encoding / ultra fast decoding. < / P > < p > on the basis of being generally recognized by the industry, prores has become the most widely used codec in the end-to-end content creation workflow from high-quality collection, to high-performance editing, color tuning, shooting and broadcasting, content distribution and archiving. < / P > < p > it is reported that the 72nd Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony will be broadcast live on the website on October 29 (Thursday), hosted by Kirsten vangsness. Privacy Policy

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