Apple has added new Emoji 13 Emoji symbols to IOS / iPad OS 14.2, including smiley face expression, ninja, finger pinching, heart dissection, black cat, polar bear, etc. In addition, IOS 14.2 introduces a new music recognition control for the control center, which deepens the integration of Shazam application in IOS operating system. Music recognition allows you to discover the music playing around you, even if you are wearing airpods, you can also recognize the music playing in the app. < / P > < p > new updates bring the control center a redesigned “now playing” widget that lists the most recent albums you might want to listen to when there is no music playing. Airplay also brings a redesigned interface that makes it easier to play music on multiple airplay 2 enabled devices in your home. < / P > < p > for visually impaired users, Apple has added “character detection” to the magnifying glass app, which uses a camera to let iPhone users know how far they are from other people. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days

By ibmwl