The first booking of the iPhone 12 has already started. Although there are only two models of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, the first booking performance is still good, which may be expected by apple. In order to further promote the launch of the new machine, Apple has now released an advertising video of the iPhone 12, which looks quite good, and in the video, they put out the slogan “the most powerful iPhone ever.”. < / P > < p > as can be seen from the advertisement, apple highlights the powerful performance of the iPhone 12, because it uses the most advanced A14 processor, which is also the first 5nm chip to be mass produced. < / P > < p > as expected, the performance of the iPhone 12 Pro seems to be roughly the same as the new iPad air, which also features the A14 bionic chip. Take one result as an example, the new iPad air scored 1583 for single core and 4198 for multi-core. Global Tech