Apple responded strongly to a legal complaint by a European activist about its tracking tool, saying it was inaccurate and said it was prepared to defend its position. Privacy activist Max schrems and his NOYB group filed legal complaints in Spain and Germany accusing Apple’s advertiser ID device (IDFA) for being used by the company to track users without permission. According to Reuters, Apple has now said it fully complies with all European privacy laws, and NOYB’s criticism is simply incorrect. An apple spokesman said: & quot; our approach is in line with European law and supports and promotes gdpr and E-Privacy, which means that people have complete control over their data and Apple will not access or use IDFA on users’ devices for any purpose. &Quot; < / P > < p > NOYB claims that Apple has placed cookie like code in its phones without any consent from users. Apple said this was not true and it was looking forward to making this clear to privacy regulators. NOYB has filed complaints with Spanish and German authorities, but hopes that if these countries prevent apple from adding IDFA to its IOS system, it will also be adopted by other countries. < p > < p > Apple has recently been criticized for its plans to restrict advertisers from using IDFA. As part of IOS 14, it was originally intended to require users to specifically choose whether to allow advertisers to track, but it has been delayed until early 2021. Global Tech