Apple’s share price hit a record high on Tuesday, continuing the sharp rise at the end of the year, surpassing Amazon and becoming the largest technology stock with the best annual trend. Apple Rose 16% in December, showing strong demand for the iPhone 12, and investors were optimistic about Apple’s efforts in the driverless car project. < / P > < p > Wall Street is more optimistic about Apple’s performance in the next year. Analysts predict that the economic recovery next year will promote more demand for wearable devices and services such as iPhone and airports. According to data compiled by Peng Bo, Apple’s revenue growth in 2021 fiscal year is expected to rise to 15% from 6% in this fiscal year, and its profit growth will double to 20%. < / P > < p > after experiencing the vigorous development of e-commerce sales this year, Amazon’s growth is expected to slow down by 2021. Revenue growth is expected to reach 19% in 2021, lower than the (estimated) 35% level in 2020. < / P > < p > Apple shares rose as much as 1.5% to $138.70 on Tuesday, with a market value of about $2.3 trillion. Apple’s price to earnings ratio based on its 2021 forecast is 35 times, up from 10 times in early 2019. Amazon’s estimated P / E ratio is 56. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia