Today, Apple released a series of new hardware products, including the $99 homepod mini, the new iPhone, and the return of MagSafe, foreign media reported. In order to attract the attention of Telecom investors, Apple also asked Verizon CEO Hans vestberg to make a part of the presentation. It is understood that Apple’s share price has both risen and fallen before the press conference. In the early trading before the conference, its share price fell back to flat. Before Apple launched its new iPhone, the mobile phone giant’s stock fell first and then rebounded at the start of the launch. < / P > < p > because Apple’s content is often leaked out in advance, it is expected that the company’s equity will not fluctuate on the stock price. < / P > < p > by contrast, Verizon’s news is even more surprising. In the words of the verge, the company “announced (did not do) a national 5g network.”. Investors were very satisfied with this, but then there was a sell-off, so the stock price fell. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia