According to foreign media Apple insider, apple is experimenting with a new in store out of store concept in California as it prepares for an unprecedented annual autumn hardware release cycle during the new crown pandemic. The concept is called “Apple express,” and the reshaping of Apple’s physical store operations has reduced the retail experience to two basic elements: order picking and Genius Bar booking. < / P > < p > from the photos posted on twitter by Marci Harris, co-founder and CEO of popvox, Apple’s burlinggame retail store has become a temporary hub for express delivery of online orders and one-on-one Genius Bar courses. Both services are available only by appointment. < / P > < p > the temporary partition in the glass door of the store has wooden counter, display cabinet and space for at least four employees. Every six feet along the exterior wall, employees have what looks like a plexiglass barrier. There is a small access area on the counter, and each window has a speaker system to provide communication. < / P > < p > product display cabinets with iPhones, airpods and other devices separate service stations. Black spots on the ground indicate where customers should stand to keep a safe distance from other visitors. Although there is no clear indication on the store sign, it seems that each window can accommodate only one customer at a time. Customers with an appointment can queue outside. < / P > < p > customers who choose express pickup when checking out through Apple’s online store or app are required to show their QR code receipt and government issued ID card to the store representative. A separate QR code can be displayed to support Apple’s logo. < / P > < p > whether Apple plans to extend & quot; Apple Express & quot; to other stores is still unclear, but the company’s lucrative retail business has been seriously affected by the continued popularity of the new crown. Although shops have reopened in some areas, the situation is more unstable in the United States, where the epidemic has not yet been brought under control. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States