It is reported that Apple’s St. Catherine’s store in Montreal has been closed due to “high vigilance” against coronavirus until further notice. The store was closed sometime on Friday, according to local broadcaster CTV. A customer told local news that she brought a laptop to repair on Thursday, August 6, and was told it would take up to 10 days to repair. But the clerk then contacted her and asked her to get it back before 17:00 local time on Friday, August 7, as the store was about to close.

the customer asked the staff whether there had been positive cases of covid-19 in the store, and the staff were not willing to confirm. Apple told CTV that “due to the covid-19 epidemic in some communities we serve, we will temporarily close stores in these areas.”.

Apple’s St. Catherine flagship store is one of the four stores in Quebec or the surrounding areas, and other stores have not been closed so far. There are 30 Apple stores in Canada, and apple St. Catherine’s is the only one that has not opened.

in an email to CTV, apple only added: “we have taken this step with great caution while keeping a close eye on the situation, and we look forward to our team and customers coming back as soon as possible. “