After Apple removed its stand-alone Apple TV remote app, a former Apple engineer tweeted explaining how he helped design and develop the current Siri remote. Recently, Apple has removed the first party remote app, which was originally introduced as iTunes remote and later became the controller of Apple TV. After the app is taken off the shelf, users can choose to use Siri remote, which comes with Apple TV, or use the remote control function integrated in the IOS device control center. < / P > < p > Alan Cannistraro, a former Apple engineer who was responsible for the app, has posted a series of tweets explaining the tool’s history within Apple since the first code was written in 2006. According to him, he started writing code before he was able to view the iPhone user interface by using UI elements he created himself. < p > < p > Steve Jobs was worried that the app store would not be popular, so he wanted apple to have an app. Cannistraro was encouraged at that time. It was also the first production application used by the app store team to try out the app store’s “upload process” and become its first app. < / P > < p > the factory version is also a simplified version of Cannistraro’s work, because the prototype also enables the control to turn on and off lights, TV and receiver via the IR adapter, as well as save and restore the state of the room. This may be the predecessor of Apple’s smart home platform homekit. < / P > < p > Cannistraro claims that a later prototype in 2009 could use the iPhone’s touch screen as a computer mouse and “interact with photos, applications (the original touchbar) and screen savers” on the Mac. < / P > < p > in 2010, Cannistraro again discussed with jobs a version of the remote application that allows sliding control of Apple TV. “Our next Apple TV remote should be a remote without a screen,” he said at the time Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure

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