Among a series of hardware products launched by apple, the small Apple TV set-top box has also achieved considerable success. It’s just that in recent years, the speed of Apple TV product line has slowed down. According to Jon Prosser, a well-known source, Apple may not launch a new Apple TV with the same configuration as the iPad Pro until 2021. Earlier, he also announced that the first arm MAC based on Apple silicon might be released on November 17. < / P > < p > five months ago, Jon Prosser predicted that the new Apple TV would provide two storage configurations for consumers to choose from, and that they might meet with you at any time. Unexpectedly, it would be nearly half a year in a flash. < / P > < p > one guess is that Apple may be optimizing the cooling of the 2021 Apple TV to ensure that the device can maintain a high level of operation at a wide range of temperatures. < / P > < p > it has been rumored that the new Apple TV is expected to usher in a 5nm a14x bionic chip, and some developers have already obtained test prototypes. It is said that the performance is comparable to the Intel 8-core processor used in the 16 inch MacBook Pro. < / P > < p > however, some pessimistically predict that even if the new Apple TV runs faster than the 2018ipad pro, Apple may need to use an enhanced cooling solution to ensure continuous performance. < / P > < p > as for why Apple TV has such a strong original performance, it is obvious that Apple wants to push its own Apple arcade game service, and even is expected to usher in the “wilderness” level high fidelity graphics game in the near future. < p > < p > if the information is reliable, the A13 bionic chip may become an entry-level option for Apple arcade. As for the truth, please wait patiently. Global Tech

By ibmwl