Apple announced Thursday that novel coronavirus pneumonia will be temporarily closed in 17 of the 20 French stores in October 30th to respond to the French government’s new round of national blockade against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Meanwhile, Apple’s website shows that 15 stores in Germany will remain open. On October 28 local time, French President Marco ó n announced through a television address that France has once again launched the national blockade policy since October 30, which is expected to last at least until the end of November. According to marklon, France is under the shadow of the second wave of new outbreak, which is more serious than the first wave. Therefore, we must take effective measures to deal with it now, otherwise the medical system will face saturation. It is reported that France will implement the foot ban again from 0:00 on October 30. In addition to public services, food stores and other commercial facilities, restaurants, bars and other non essential commercial places will be closed. During the closure of the city, schools and factories will remain open, people will only be allowed to go out for “necessary work or medical needs”, and private and public gatherings will be banned. The new measures will be implemented at least until December 1, and the government will evaluate the effect of the measures every 15 days to determine the follow-up measures, Mr. makron said. Global Tech