This time, the package of the iPhone 12 no longer comes with headphones and power adapter, and only one usb-ctolightning interface data cable is left. The contents and volume of the iPhone 12 box you get are much smaller than before, but on the whole, the price has not decreased. < p > < p > Apple explained at the press conference that the measures were taken for environmental reasons. Kaiann drance, vice president of product marketing at Apple, also said in an interview that the iPhone 12 has a lot of new features and is priced appropriately, which is very attractive. In addition, people usually have headphones and chargers in their homes, or even more than one, so Apple has made the right choice not to add “e-waste” to users after considering the environmental impact. < p > < p > kaiann drance is right, at least for old users. When an iPhone user was about to sell his iPhone XS max, he found that the power adapter and data cable in the box had not been removed at all. He only used the iPhone. < / P > < p > well, since Apple pursues environmental protection, and the situation that users have spare parts does exist, Apple should cancel all accessories and only sell iPhones. Why do you still have data lines? < p > < p > energy conservation makes wired charging more efficient than wireless charging at the same power. The full range of iPhone 12 offers two charging methods, 20W wired charging and up to 15W wireless charging (MagSafe). The former charging speed is undoubtedly faster, but you have to buy an additional 20W power adapter. Coincidentally, MagSafe wireless charging with 15W power also needs to purchase a 20W power adapter separately. < / P > < p > for the iPhone 12, if you want to pursue faster charging speed, you can only choose wired charging. Apple naturally takes this factor into account and keeps the cable in the box. < / P > < p > Apple provides two ways to store data for iPhone, one is icloud cloud storage, the other is data cable connected to computer storage. I believe that every time a new iPhone is replaced, users will have a deep understanding of this – the data cable may not be used often, but at the critical moment, the efficiency of wired transmission must be higher than that of wireless transmission. < / P > < p > or you need to connect your iPhone for performance testing and other operations. At this time, the data cable is irreplaceable in any way. < / P > < p > in other words, although Apple canceled the accessory headset and power adapter, the data cable was upgraded from USB ATO lightning to USB ctolightning, which fundamentally improved the power of cable charging and compatibility with other apple devices. < p > < p > previously, the power output of the charger provided by Apple was only 5W, which was jokingly called “5V / 1A”, and the charging speed was extremely slow. Until the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 promax did not give away 18 W power adapter and usb-c to lightning data cable. Charging head network has tested the time of iPhone 11 using original power adapter and wireless charging, and the results show that wireless charging is faster than the attached power adapter. Five blessings and one security. < / P > < p > on the other hand, due to the upgrade to usb-c to lightning interface, the connection between iPhone 12 and apple devices that only provide usb-c interface, such as MacBook, has been eliminated. If you’re still using a USB to lightning cable, you need an extra adapter to connect to your MacBook. < / P > < p > Yes, one day Apple may no longer have a data cable. If that day really comes, it will mark the arrival of all-round wireless. It is not necessarily apple that opens the door, but it is likely to be apple. Because full wireless means that there is no interface for smart phones, which is the ultimate goal of the whole industry. < p > < p > with the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple has also demonstrated a new wireless charging technology: MagSafe. Its power is twice that of the ordinary Qi standard wireless charging protocol, which is 15W, which is the highest power and fastest wireless charging that iPhone can get. < / P > < p > the name of this charging technology comes from the power adapter plug that apple and MacBook Pro exhibited together in 2006. Due to its magnetic absorption characteristics, charging and plugging are very convenient, and it has won high praise from users. But with Apple’s usb-c interface on its MacBook, MagSafe is out of the picture. < / P > < p > MagSafe on the iPhone 12 still holds the charger and iPhone together by magnetism. Apple added magnets around the wireless charging coils of the iPhone and MagSafe chargers to achieve the adsorption effect between the charger and the iPhone. Some media commented that MagSafe’s implementation scheme was very creative, because it solved the problems of easy loosening and uneven positioning of wireless charging in the past. < / P > < p > to achieve this goal, apple must first solve the problem of wireless charging and wireless data transmission. From the current situation of the industry, Apple seems to have a certain foundation to start. < / P > < p > although apple is conservative in charging, providing the highest wireless charging power of only 15W, Android manufacturers in the same period have aggressively increased the wireless charging power to 80W, which can fill 4000mAh battery in 19 minutes. Problems in the past, such as materials, heat dissipation and peak power, are being improved one by one. Some Android phones charge faster wirelessly than iPhones wired. < / P > < p > there are some mature high-power wireless charging solutions in the industry. Apple should use its own standards to measure whether it is feasible on the iPhone. In Apple’s standard, charging power is not the first element. According to wccftech, apple won a technical patent in July 2020 to describe a battery back clip with bidirectional wireless charging function. In the past, the battery clip powered the iPhone through the lightning interface, and Apple’s patent for wireless rechargeable battery clip is consistent with the previous exposure that Apple applied for “an iPhone device with no port at all”. Another patent shows that apple is going to install a wireless charging board on its MacBook to charge the iPhone while using a computer. < / P > < p > about wireless data transmission, in fact, we have used some relatively stable and feasible wireless data transmission technologies. For example, airdrop in IOS and MacOS is a short-range wireless transmission technology based on Bluetooth and WiFi (air drop here using Wi Fi and Bluetooth). It discovers objects through low-power Bluetooth technology, and then transmits data with P2P WiFi technology. The distance between two devices can not exceed 9 meters. < p > < p > when the iPhone 11 was launched, apple added a U1 chip supporting ultra wideband technology to help the iPhone improve its spatial awareness. When using airdrop, as long as you point your iPhone at another iPhone, the system will first send files to it. The sorting rule is that the closer the distance, the higher the priority. < / P > < p > UWB technology has the advantages of high-speed transmission rate, low transmission power and strong confidentiality. Its spatial positioning features are considered by the industry as the next opportunity to detonate the Internet of things. Especially after Apple uses this technology, UWB has attracted the attention of large terminal manufacturers. Xiaomi also recently demonstrated UWB “one finger connection” technology, which allows users to point to a smart home product with their mobile phones and control it. However, UWB technology also has some shortcomings, such as high bandwidth occupation, may interfere with other wireless communication systems, and the transmission distance is usually only 10 meters. < / P > < p > in fact, as early as 2006, there was a saying of “moving towards the wireless era” based on UWB technology, which is not out of date. Up to now, this goal has not been fully realized. If Apple wants to promote the “wireless era”, it naturally needs to consider many factors, not just charging and data transmission. However, evidence shows that apple is trying to build “iPhone without any interface”. At that time, it is no wonder that Apple will no longer provide data cable. < / P > < p > it is safe to retain the data line at this stage. On the one hand, the technology has not yet reached the maturity of wireless, on the other hand, Apple will seize every product change to achieve commercial purposes. < / P > < p > in recent years, Apple has been gradually promoting full wireless, and now they have successfully cut off the 3.5mm headphone connector. In 2016, the iPhone 7 came out, and apple added a lightningto 3.5mm adapter while canceling the 3.5mm headphone connector. However, when the iPhone XS is released in 2018, Apple will directly cancel the adapter. If users need to use wired headphones, they need to purchase the adapter themselves. < p > < p > Apple’s solution for the 3.5mm headphone interface is the wireless Bluetooth headset airpods, which directly set off the popularity of true wireless stereo (TWS). In 2019, the annual sales of airpods reached 60 million, and the turnover of each category was much higher than the total revenue of other brands of TWS. As a result, manufacturers in the industry have followed up and launched corresponding TWS products. Other Android phones have also cut off the 3.5mm headphone interface, taking a step closer to wireless. < / P > < p > Apple’s lightning interface is the most unique interface in the industry. Over the years, many voices have called on apple to join the usb-c camp. Now, in addition to the iPhone, Apple’s other devices are in the embrace of usb-c. However, with the emergence of MagSafe, the industry speculates that Apple will skip the change of physical interface and cut down the physical interface directly. The disappearance of lightning means that Apple will lose part of its business, but the emergence of MagSafe has filled in new business opportunities for apple. < / P > < p > Apple has planned the accessory ecology for MagSafe from the beginning. If you want to use MagSafe, you need to pay two extra money. The first one is MagSafe charger, which is officially sold at 329 yuan. The second is 20W usb-c power adapter, which costs 149 yuan, totaling 478 yuan. < / P > < p > in addition, the official accessories of MagSafe also include MagSafe leather card bag, MagSafe special protective case and other products, which are not cheap for ordinary users. < / P > < p > although the third-party manufacturers will follow up MagSafe products in the future, the price is relatively lower, but in the current blank period, users can only choose official accessories. And opening up MagSafe licensing may also be a big source of fees for Apple’s MFI (mademorphone / iPad) certification. Apple can make a lot of money from MagSafe ecology. Global Tech