Apple’s AR and Apple’s car are expected to generate $2023 trillion in the next month. < / P > < p > however, the latest information shows that the current development schedule of Apple car is not clear, and now it can only be said that it is in the early stage of the project. If the development starts this year and everything goes well, the first product is expected to be launched in 2025-2027 as soon as possible. < / P > < p > taking into account the changes in the electric vehicle / autonomous driving market and Apple’s high quality standards, the release schedule of Apple’s auto related business may be delayed to 2028 or later. < / P > < p > Kuo said that the market is over optimistic about the listing schedule of Apple car, and he has advised investors to avoid buying Apple car related stocks at this time.

Reuters said that the apple automatic driving vehicle will use the unique " the single cell " the design, " by eliminating the core and module containing the battery material, it releases the space inside the battery pack &quot, which may make the battery life mileage longer. < / P > < p > Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently responded to Apple’s news on twitter, saying that & quot; single battery & quot; is & quot; electrochemically impossible & quot;. Musk also claimed that in the darkest days of model 3 production, he had contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss the possibility of Apple acquiring Tesla with a small part of its current value, but cook apparently refused to meet.

although he does not think Apple Car has no chance of success, Kuo said that because of the deep learning / artificial intelligence behind Apple Corp, Apple Corp’s competitiveness in the electric vehicle / autopilot car market is uncertain. The market has high hopes for Apple cars. Although Apple has not always been able to gain an advantage in all kinds of smart business, for example, Apple has not always been able to enter the new market quickly. The demand for homepod and homepod Mini was lower than expected, which led to the temporary suspension of the development of new smart speaker models. The competition in the electric vehicle / autopilot car market is more intense than that in the smart speaker market, so we think it is dangerous to conclude that Apple Car will succeed. < / P > < p > if Apple car wants to succeed in the future, the key success factor is big data / AI, not hardware. One of the biggest concerns of Apple Car is that when the Apple Car is launched, the current auto driving brand has accumulated at least five years of big data, which is conducive to the deep learning of /AI development. As a rising star, how can Apple overcome this lag? SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract