Apple began to pay more attention to the needs of middle end users and rebuild “waist products”. Apple’s new product launch in autumn just ended may be one of the “shortest” Apple launches in history. The iPhone missed the launch, breaking the tradition of launching new iPhones every September since 2012. The iPad has only updated its mid and low-end products, and its flagship product, the iPad pro, has been put on hold. < / P > < p > although Apple watch has updated the flagship series 6, its design and form have not changed greatly, but some new functions have been added. < / P > < p > with the maturity of mobile intelligent products such as mobile phones, tablets and watches, apple is not the only one, but the speed of hardware iteration is slowing down. Apple often saves a hardware trick every few years. More often, even if there is no “big move”, it has to hand over the answers of new products to the market. < p > < p > this is the product strategy that jobs decided after returning to apple. In 1996, Steve Jobs, who returned to apple, made a radical reform of the then bloated product line. He then led the creation of imacg3, using a minimalist product approach. In jobs’ philosophy, keeping focused is the key quality to make a good product. < / P > < p > “concentration” has become Apple’s product philosophy. From the iPod to the iPhone era, apple almost “only makes flagship products”. Every time, it concentrates on making the best one and strives to make a final decision. Apple may not be the mobile phone brand with the highest market share, but the annual flagship iPhone must be the best-selling mobile phone. The iteration speed of Apple products is not only fast, but also “refined”. When many mobile phone manufacturers will promote more than a dozen or even dozens of product projects at the same time, and there are often swings and self contradictions within the brand, Apple’s product design is very focused. It’s a long way to go. < / P > < p > with the growth of product shipments, even apple can’t always focus on high-end products. The middle and low-end demand is there, and Apple needs to take care of it. But Apple doesn’t want to waste too much energy on designing low-end products, so its approach is to cover it with the previous generation. After Apple releases its flagship new products, it often retains the products of the previous year, and sells them out as midrange products after price adjustment. < / P > < p > but this approach has limited appeal to mid tier consumers. For consumers, no matter what the budget, no one wants to buy an “old device.”. Even if many of Apple’s old products are not inferior to the new products of other brands at the same price, the market performance of these products has been tepid. No one can shake Apple’s position in the flagship field, but Apple’s attempt to explore the lower market has not achieved great success. IPhone, in particular, has not made significant progress in the overall smartphone market share in the past few years. < p > < p > after the update rhythm of iPhone is fixed, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 have changed greatly every two years. After the iPhone 6, the speed slowed down, and the same product form used four generations of mobile phones: 6, 6S, 7 and 8. At present, the latest “full screen” form has been three years since the advent of iPhone X in 2017, and users are waiting for this year’s “big change”. < / P > < p > many people will attribute this change to “Apple no longer innovates”, but the real reason is that the product itself is gradually maturing. Apple will not make three different designs and change one every year to keep users fresh. Instead, it will choose the best one and use it all the time. In the first half of this year, Apple released the iPhone se. Although this is a “mid range product” with a starting price of 3299 yuan, apple still shows its sincerity. The iPhone se is equipped with the top-level A13 chip, which can store and increase the amount of storage. It also pays more attention to the publicity and makes greater efforts. According to IDC’s market report, apple successfully achieved the double growth of mobile phone shipment and market share in the second quarter of this year, and is the only mobile phone brand to achieve this result. < / P > < p > the same is true for the iPad air and the entry-level iPad. Both use very advanced chips. The entry-level iPad is equipped with A12, and the iPad air is a brand-new A14, which guarantees that the two products will have a long service life. The iPad air is updated to a full screen design, but at the same time, the flagship configuration such as “high refresh rate screen” and “four speakers” is removed to control the cost. Apple has also redesigned a new touch ID sensor for the iPad air, combining the sensor with the power button. The design ideas of these two products are very “Se”. < / P > < p > obviously, apple began to pay more attention to the needs of middle end users, and based on these needs, it rebuilt its own “waist products”, rather than simply using the “old model price reduction” strategy to cover. < / P > < p > as the hardware iteration cycle continues to lengthen, Apple’s “focus philosophy” also begins to deduce different methodologies. In the first half of the product cycle, when “big moves” are needed, Apple will focus on the iteration of product form to be the best, the best and most expensive flagship product. In the second half of the product cycle, Apple will also devote a part of its attention to making se code named midrange products in a more refined way. These brand-new products, together with the price that users can’t refuse, are becoming Apple’s new “propeller.”. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities