After a simple “first half” of the fall launch, when Apple’s top show of the year, the iPhone 12 series, became a hot topic. At last week’s press conference, apple buried a September 30 colored egg at the launch of the eighth generation of the iPad, which led many Apple fans to speculate that this was the date Apple announced its new iPhone. < / P > < p > in addition, the news about airpods studio is also very popular. As the first headphone product of the airpods product line, the appearance and some details of the airpods studio have been exposed, including the ultra wideband chip, which is the first to appear in the iPhone 11 series. Recently, a digital YouTuber “Apple dad” from Taiwan disclosed the “second half” of Apple’s autumn conference. According to his information, Apple will announce the specific time of the conference on September 29, and the airpods studio will be released along with the iPhone 12 series. Here is the news he disclosed. < / P > < p > according to his message, airpods studio will use the mainstream usb-c interface for charging, and has the function of automatic detection of left and right ears, as well as the unique spatial audio function of airpods pro. In addition, the magnetic suction replaceable earmuffs predicted by Bloomberg will also appear on this product. < / P > < p > about the news of the iPhone 12, he made a disclosure from three aspects: camera, body appearance and internal configuration. According to him, his source of information is completely consistent with that of a microblog blogger, and the microblog blogger has completed the “first half” of the autumn conference, and even the wording and some specific data of the conference are basically accurate. Therefore, he is very sure of the reliability of the source. First of all, he talked about the thickness of the iPhone. According to him, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will be the thickest, with a thickness of 8.1 mm, the same as the current iPhone 11 Pro / max. The size of the “bangs” will be reduced as a whole, which is consistent with Guo’s previous disclosure, because the upper left and right corners need to display the content normally. < / P > < p > the interior is still a three-layer motherboard design. In the back panel part, the Pro Series will have a new carbon fiber backplane in the middle frame, which further enhances the anti falling performance of the iPhone 12 Pro Series. < / P > < p > the one-to-one magnetic suction charging, that is, the legendary airpower Mini charger, will be released, but the airpower charging board with multiple devices charging at the same time is not sure whether to release. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 Pro Max will support higher power wireless fast charging, and the whole series will support 20W wired fast charging, and the Pro Series will still give you a charging head. I expect to give you a 20W usb-c charger just like the iPhone 11 Pro Series. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with a high refresh rate technology, but Apple has blocked this feature with software and is unlikely to unlock it, so the iPhone 12 full line will not have a 120Hz screen refresh rate. As for the lidar sensor, he said that the size of the iPhone 12 Pro will be a quarter smaller than that of the iPad pro, and the lidar functions of the two products are not the same. The former is to improve the shooting quality, while the latter pays more attention to ar. < p > < p > the camera technology of iPhone 12 Pro Max will be the main selling point this year. Its camera module is much larger than the other three products. It is specially made by apple for iPhone 12 Pro max. The sources expect apple to send an invitation on September 29 and hold the conference on October 6. However, I think that the mainland is still on the National Day holiday on October 6, and the time of the press conference needs to wait for apple to officially send the invitation. In addition, the “second half” of the film will no longer focus on the “exciting” feature of the “iPhone” toothpaste press conference, which will focus on the “exciting” feature of “iPhone” in the second half. The great improvement of shooting ability will be an important reason why many fruit powders are equipped with iPhones at the highest level. Global Tech