California’s district attorney accused Thomas Moyer, Apple’s chief safety officer, of bribing state officials, according to an indictment released on Monday. According to court documents and statements from the Santa Clara district attorney’s office, Moyer was involved in a case of bribery in exchange for covert evidence, along with Deputy Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen. Moyer’s lawyer, ed Swanson, said his client was not guilty. A two-year investigation conducted by the district attorney’s office found that in one case, with Jensen’s assistance, sung withheld a permit to hold a concealed gun until the applicant provided something of value. < / P > < p > “in the case of four concealed gun permits of Apple employees, deputy sheriff sun and captain Jensen managed to squeeze from Thomas Moyer the promise that Apple would donate an iPad to the sheriff’s office.” “The donation of 200 iPads worth nearly $70000 was cancelled 11 hours on August 2, 2019, as sun and Moyer learned that the district attorney’s office executed a search warrant in the sheriff’s office and seized all his records of concealed gun possession,” the district attorney said in a statement Privacy Policy