The chipmakers that supply Apple should now have learned the lesson that they should never see the business as permanent. Intel is the latest example, and apple eventually replaced Intel processors with self-developed chips in its Macs. Apple’s chip dream has plagued its suppliers, worried that they would be the next to be eliminated. < / P > < p > high pass may be the next target. According to reports, Apple’s senior vice president for hardware technology, Johnny srouji, recently announced that the company was developing its own modem chips. Modem chips are the largest business between Qualcomm and apple, and the two companies have recently re established a relationship after years of intense legal disputes. < p > < p > the news sent Qualcomm’s shares down 7% in early trading on Friday, and its market value evaporated by RMB 85 billion overnight. Other well-known Apple suppliers, such as Broadcom, qorvo and skyworks, which mainly provide the iPhone RF components, also seem to be overshadowed. Broadcom shares fell nearly 2% in early trading, despite strong fourth quarter results on Thursday night. < p > < p > Citi analyst atif Malik predicts that apple is likely to consider using open-source RF chips after developing its own modems, given that these components must work closely together. < / P > < p > but even for Qualcomm, it still has a long time to experience the pain of being replaced by Apple’s self-developed products. Mr. slouch said Apple’s modem effort was just beginning this year, which he called a “long-term strategic investment.”. < / P > < p > the settlement between the two companies last year included a six-year licensing agreement and a “multi-year” chip supply agreement. Qualcomm’s clear lead in 5g technology is a key factor driving the settlement, which is not an area apple can quickly catch up with. Tim arcuri, an analyst at UBS, points out that Apple’s “forced wide spread of modems” may require more expertise in RF technology, which the company may have to acquire through mergers and acquisitions. < / P > < p > Apple is ambitious, financially strong and, as we all know, wants to control as much of its key technologies as possible. It’s a risk for any tech giant to do business with it. But these efforts didn’t happen overnight: it took apple a decade to come up with a competitive PC chip after developing its first chip for the iPhone. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities