The dispute between Epic Games and apple is not over. Although in the first hearing, the judge asked apple to keep the epic developer account and resource support, but did not agree to resume the right of Fortress night to be put on the app store. It is obvious that epic and apple are not the same size company. Just because those IOS devices with fortress night are hyped to high prices, we can see that apple is still strong. < p > < p > data from buy shares further confirms this point. According to the agency’s analysis, the removal of Fortress night from the app store means that epic will lose $26.7 million (about 185 million yuan) of revenue in a single month. < / P > < p > epic’s dissatisfaction with apple is mainly reflected in the 30% commission taken by the store. Therefore, epic needs to make a good account and which one is the best. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure