The reason is that the company plans to launch the “apple one” subscription bundle as early as October this year, so that its products can be sold at a lower price.

this bundled subscription package enables consumers to subscribe to Apple Music, Apple TV +, apple arcade, apple news +, fitness, icloud and other services at a lower price, thus attracting customers to subscribe to more apple services.

“I think Apple’s stock has traditionally been undervalued.” “We see that they have achieved their goal of doubling service revenue very early, and there seems to be room for them to operate,” said Rene Richie, a senior technology analyst If the latest speculation about Apple is true, Apple may once again double its service revenue in the near future.

any bundled service will bring a steady stream of new revenue to apple, which may appear when Apple launches its first 5gi phone. Combining these two growth drivers, Wall Street can’t wait to raise its earnings expectations for apple in the next few years. In theory, the tech giant’s share price will rise as profits rise.

“we believe this is a major move for apple, which is expected to increase its service revenue by 5% in 2021. In our view, it’s a genius for cook to make further profits through bundling, “said Dan ives, a technology analyst at wedbush.

Apple’s share price has risen 56% so far this year, while the NASDAQ is up 22% and the Dow is down 2%. As of Friday’s U.S. stock close, Apple’s share price was at $459.63, with a total market value of $196 million, just one step away from $2 trillion.

By ibmwl