Apple is studying the use of geared hinges to enhance the foldable iPhone’s screen. The hinges allow the iPhone to fold in and out like a book, with a wrapped screen. Apple has previously applied for many patents on foldable iPhones, from sliding displays and similar scrolling screens to those with hinges. < / P > < p > a newly disclosed Apple patent application is called & quot; folding electronic device with gear hinge & quot;, which is similar to the previous patent application on hinge, but seems to be incompatible. But the patent application is unusual, covering a hinge that allows the iPhone to fold in two directions. < / P > < p > Apple said in the patent application that when a compact size is needed, the device can be adjusted to a compact size together by folding parts. For example, devices and displays can be folded inward and / or outward around a curved axis. The drawings of the patent application are all about the iPhone, but Apple says the foldable display design can be used for anything from mobile phones to laptops, even goggles or kiosks. Nevertheless, the present application emphasizes that the device using the gear hinge thereof can be made into a unidirectional folded product. < / P > < p > Apple said that in the fold in configuration, when the device is folded, the two halves of the display face each other. In a fold out configuration, when the device is folded, the two halves of the display are away from each other. Whether Apple decides to make a one-way or two-way folding iPhone, the key concern of this patent application is to provide the largest viewable display without sacrificing portability. < / P > < p > Apple’s solution is to use a hinge to support a large folding display, which can include toothed components such as gears and tooth conditions. The rack component is the surface that the user sees, that is, the surface on which the display screen is fixed. The rack member may have a curved surface, and the gears may include rotating gears that travel along the curved portion of the rack member when the electronic device is folded and unfolded. The hinge may include gears fixedly connected to the first and second housing portions and engaged with the rotary gears. The linkage can fix the rotating gear, fixed gear and tooth condition together. < / P > < p > the most striking part of the idea is that the iPhone can open it like a book, or you can wrap one display on the back of another. Whether or not Apple chooses to allow both options, the patent application shows that geared hinges will make any folding screen more robust. < / P > < p > in theory, Apple’s patent applies to most screen technologies. The display can be an organic light-emitting diode display, a micro light-emitting diode display formed by a crystal semiconductor light-emitting diode mold array, and / or any other suitable display. It has been rumored that Apple may have ordered foldable OLED screens from Samsung. Foxconn is currently testing the foldable iPhone, according to another report. Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple