According to foreign media reports, apple is working on a variety of ways to combine the keyboard with an augmented reality glasses or other head-on devices, including projecting a virtual keyboard onto the surface of an object. The Cupertino based technology giant is believed to be developing at least one head-on device. It could be an apple ar helmet or ar glasses like the apple galss, but there are also signs that a virtual reality (VR) device is being developed. < / P > < p > in a patent application document entitled “keyboard operation with head mounted device” released on October 15, apple detailed several different ways for users to use keyboards through ar glasses or similar products. < / P > < p > this patent provides some background information for the head mounted device. For example, it can be a headset, it can move the lens in front of the eyes and be equipped with several cameras. The display lens, which can correct the optical characteristics of vision, can eliminate the physical environment or superimpose information on it. < / P > < p > when it is necessary to enter text, the user can use the actual physical keyboard or “display its form through the display screen” through the head mounted device. The text entered on the keyboard can appear in the user’s field of vision through the display lens. < / P > < p > and the most interesting thing is that apple is exploring an alternative method of text input. They may include a virtual keyboard projected onto a touch sensitive surface, or a keyboard projected onto any flat surface, such as a table or desktop. “A head-on device can provide a virtual keyboard based on how the user’s palms are arranged on a surface,” the patent document reads The patent also adds that the device can detect the position of the keyboard by the position of the hand on the surface. < / P > < p > Apple pointed out that no matter what the situation is, the tracking device placed close to the user’s hand can submit text to the AR device through the hand tracking system, inertial measurement unit or force detection sensor. < / P > < p > in addition, these tracking sensors allow the keyboard to work independently of signals. In other words, keyboard input is detected by the headset, which allows the keyboard to be projected onto the surface without any electronic devices or virtual keyboards. < / P > < p > for projection keyboards, apple points out that users’ hands can be treated as transparent so that they can see the actual keys as they type. When editing text, you can use gestures or other input to select and modify the text. < / P > < p > Apple submits a large number of patent applications every week, and there is no guarantee that the technologies described in these patents will eventually enter the market. Similarly, the patent application does not give any indication when these functions will appear. Global Tech

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