Apple’s first MAC chip M1 based on ARM architecture has been launched, along with MacBook Air, 13 inch macbook pro and mac mini equipped with M1 chip. Apple’s first self-developed MAC chip M1 was launched at the press conference in the early morning of November 11. It was built with 5nm technology, integrated with 16 billion transistors, equipped with 8-core CPU, 8-core graphics processor and 16 core architecture neural network engine. Apple said that its CPU, GPU and machine learning performance and energy efficiency were significantly improved compared with the current products. < / P > < p > with the successful launch of the first self-developed MAC chip and the implementation of macbook pro and other hardware products, apple, which is committed to turning its MAC product line to self-developed chips within two years, is also expected to plan the next generation of MAC chips. < / P > < p > for Apple’s next-generation MAC chip, foreign media is expected to be named m2 or m1x. TSMC’s advanced manufacturing process on OEM M1 chip is also expected to extend to the next generation of MAC processors. < / P > < p > Apple’s A-Series processor has appeared the “X” naming method. Apple has launched the a10x processor for the iPad product line. However, considering the next generation of MAC chips, it is expected to be an update of the complete generation and will not be launched in the near future. In terms of naming, it is expected that M2 will be the most likely. < / P > < p > in terms of manufacturing process, the M1 chip launched this year adopts TSMC’s 5nm process, which is also the most advanced chip manufacturing process at present. The manufacturing process of the next generation of MAC chips is expected to be upgraded. If it is launched next year, it is expected to adopt TSMC’s second generation 5nm process, which is planned to be put into large-scale production next year. Global Tech