The price of Apple’s own products is generally much more expensive than that of the same type of products. For example, the MagSafe duo dual magnetic absorption charger, which has just come into the market, has reached 1049 yuan in the Bank of China, and 129 US dollars in foreign countries, which can be said to be very expensive. Speechless, now make complaints about Apple’s MagSafe Duo, which is very clear, selling too expensive (Apple premium is too high, too windy), and even more wordless is that even the charging head does not deliver (only a USB-C to Lightning cable), but also to buy it. This year, the new MAGP < p > smart phone series was released in October. It can be seen that in addition to a standard planar magnetic charge potential, there is also a standing Apple watch smart watch charging point. < p > < p > MagSafe duo does not come with a power adapter. When it is equipped with Apple’s 20W usb-c power adapter, it can charge the iPhone with a maximum power of 11W. When it is equipped with a 27W or higher usb-c power adapter, it can charge at the above-mentioned 14W power. However, according to the actual test, if it is used for both iPhone 12 and apple at the same time When the watch is charged, the charging power of the mobile phone is reduced to 11W. < p > < p > after the experience, foreign media also said that some users may want to use it with some third-party power adapter compatible with PD 3.0 protocol. However, considering Apple’s long-standing “technical limitations”, the actual experience of MagSafe duo may still be discounted. Global Tech