The European Union today announced an appeal against Apple’s $15 billion tax case. Apple said it would conduct an assessment after receiving the appeal from the European Commission, but this would not change the factual conclusion reached by the court. Apple said the EU’s second high court, the general court, had ruled in July that the EU’s decision to pay back taxes was invalid. Since then, nothing has changed. < / P > < p > Apple also said: “we will assess the European Commission’s appeal after it has received it, but this will not change the factual conclusion reached by the court before. These conclusions demonstrate that, like other markets, we have been complying with the relevant laws in Ireland. ” Pascal Donohoe, Ireland’s finance minister, said he took note of the European Commission’s decision to appeal today. Donohoe said the ruling of the European General Court has proved that Ireland has not illegally given Apple any state aid, and Apple’s Irish branch has paid the full amount of tax due in accordance with the law. < / P > < p > Donoho said an appeal to the EU Supreme Court must be based on one or more legal points of view. He added that the appeal process could take up to two years to complete. Global Tech