Apple’s China sales data, released on Thursday, hit the lowest level since 2014, raising concerns that it will not be able to compete with local competitors in key markets. Apple’s sales in Greater China fell 29% in the quarter ending September 26, according to data. The company attributed this to the delayed release of the iPhone 12. Its share price fell 4% in after hours trading on Thursday. In the past, Apple’s new iPhone models were usually released in the third quarter, but this year’s new iPhone models didn’t go on sale until the end of October. The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will not be available in stores until mid November. < / P > < p > the outbreak of Xinguan has damaged Apple’s supply chain, resulting in the delay of new product release. However, as early as before the outbreak, Apple had already lagged behind most of its competitors in the development of 5g smart phones. < / P > < p > rivals such as Samsung and Huawei Xiaomi released 5g devices as early as 2019, and then, before the iPhone 12 came out this year, more 5g phones with more affordable prices were launched. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone