Affected by the epidemic situation, Apple’s autumn special event this year is really “special”. It not only enriches online live broadcasting by means of recording and broadcasting, but also divides the press conference into two for the first time, bringing more sustained attention. After the announcement of Apple watch series 6, apple watch se, new iPad 8 and iPad air 4 at a special event on September 15, apple made another appearance one month later, < / P > < p > francescasweet came on stage to introduce lidar lidar sensor on iPhone 12promax. The sensor can be used for object detection and room scanning, as well as other professional camera applications. It can automatically focus in low light environment, and is suitable for video and photo taking. Lidar does what lidar does: object detection, room scanning, and also supports professional imagination systems. It can auto focus in low light, whether it’s photos or videos. Under the condition of weak light, the focusing speed can be increased by 6 times. In addition, it can also be used to improve the depth of portrait shooting in night mode. < / P > < p > even users can edit dolbyvision directly on the iPhone 12pro / promax. As Dolby visual effects have become quite popular in the industry, the iPhone 12pro may become a new entry choice for the film and television industry. < / P > < p > new optical image stabilization is used for sensors, not just lenses, but even mobile sensors to enhance the optical anti shake experience. It can be adjusted 5000 times per second, five times higher than last year. Support appleprraw and convert multi frame intelligent HDR to raw format. Sharpening, white balance and other parameters can be adjusted in the later stage. Meanwhile, iPhone 12 will provide APIs for third-party apps. According to Andrew Fernandez, the telephoto lens has an equivalent 65mm experience. The size of the sensor is increased by 47% and supports 5x zoom. < / P > < p > in addition to the a14bionic chipset, the HDR processing stack of the iPhone 12 can also be processed by neural engine / GPU. It is worth mentioning that all four rear view sensors support the deep fusion feature. Ds12 million ultra wide angle lens, 1.6 ultra wide angle lens, equivalent to 52mm long focus lens. The iPhone 12 promax also supports 4x optical zoom and 4x optical zoom. Promax obviously has more camera capabilities. < / P > < p > next comes the iPhone 12 Pro time, with a shiny border, three shots in the back, and another black hole – presumably lidar lidar sensor. Greg joswiak introduces the iPhone 12 pro, which Apple offers in silver, gray, gold and blue colors. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12mini has a screen size of 5.4 inches, and the slide display supports 4k60fps video recording. Both smaller iPhone 12 models have been certified IP68. Apple demonstrated many of the features of the iPhone 12mini in a video < / P > < p > the box does not come with a 5V / 1A power adapter. The height of the box was reduced by nearly half in an instant. For environmental reasons, it’s wise to take the headphones and power adapter out of the box, which means the iPhone will use a smaller box. Even without a charger, the iPhone 12 has at least a usb-c cable. Lisa Jackson took the stage to introduce the big news of Apple products in environmental protection. By 2030, Apple plans to achieve a net zero impact on climate in terms of manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle. The iPhone’s built-in magnet assembly uses 100% recycled rare earth elements. < / P > < p > it uses magnets to automatically calibrate the charger for optimal charging, up to 15W. Identify accessories using a magnetometer. A new housing is also provided for magnet adsorption. And apple has designed a foldable charging board for the iPhone and apple watch. It is reported that apple is committed to creating a complete set of MagSafe ecology. < / P > < p > interestingly, the new iPhone 125g also embraces MagSafe magnetic charging technology. In wireless charging technology, the magnetic suction can also be better aligned with the position of the charging board. For MacBook users, it’s a pity that the new Apple laptop has cut off this feature. Fortunately, we’ve seen it back on the iPhone 12. < / P > < p > uses ml to identify scenes and more elements such as rocks and sky. Night view mode has also been improved – all cameras are available, including ultra wide cameras and self timer cameras. The night view mode of the front camera is also very good. < / P > < p > in terms of photography, the new iPhone 125g is equipped with a rear dual camera, which can provide an ultra wide viewing angle of 120 ° with an F / 1.6 aperture. 7p lens is also used in the wide-angle end, and the low light performance is improved by 27%. New features, smarthdr3. The camera uses machine learning to identify scenes and more elements, such as rocks and sky. < / P > < p > hopegiles introduces the new processor in Apple’s internal Lab scenario. A14bionic adopts 5nm production process, and its performance has 1.18 billion transistors, which is 40% higher than that of A13. The internal design is 6-core CPU + 4-core GPU, and the neural engine has doubled to 16 cores, with 11 trillion operations per second. In terms of games, drance claims to be a console like experience. < / P > < p > in intelligent data mode, you can also switch to 4glte network unnecessarily to extend the service life of the device. Before the official launch, Apple had launched 5g tests with more than 100 operators in 30 market regions. Under ideal conditions, 4gbps peak downlink rate can be achieved in 5g network. < / P > < p > of course, as a 5g smartphone, the antenna layout of the iPhone 12 is also very important. Arun Mathias said the iPhone 12 supports the industry’s largest 5g band. And IOS system software also provides special optimization for 5g applications. < / P > < p > ceramicshield, a new material from Corning, will make the new iPhone have harder glass than any smartphone, and the body glass will be stronger and stronger than ever before, with four times the fall resistance. The < / P > < p > screen is Apple’s customized super retina XDR screen. It is thinner (11%), smaller (15%), lighter (16%) and narrower than the iPhone 11. This OLED screen has a very high contrast, with a pixel density of 460ppi (double that of the iPhone 11). It supports 1200 nit brightness, Dolby visual effect, HLG, hdr10 and other display features. < / P > < p > first, introduce a smaller iPhone 125g. From the design style similar to the new iPad, it is obvious that old users will not forget the iPhone 4. The colors are black, white, green, red and blue < / P > < p > in terms of introducing low latency, we can cooperate with NFL to provide online live broadcasting experience with low delay. Even if you can’t come to the scene in person, you can also watch NFL and other events with lower delay through 5g network. Verizon said 5g is being rolled out across the United States and will benefit 200 million users. Hans vestberg, CEO of Verizon, said “5g has become a reality.”. Vestberg says users can get good download and upload speeds on the 5g network provided by its company. For stadiums and stadiums, 5g can easily double the capacity supported by base stations. Cook returns to the stage to introduce the new iPhone. Today, Apple will bring 5giphones. Cook introduces three features of 5g mobile network: faster network speed, lower delay, and more attention to privacy and security. With 5g, you don’t even need to connect to a less secure public Wi Fi hotspot. < / P > < p > the homepodmini, priced at $99, will be available on November 6 and will be available on November 16, with white and classic “deep sky grey” available in color. < / P > < p > when you ask & quot; target when to close? & quot; target, the car will display an indication after inserting the mobile phone into Carplay. By asking “today’s business update”, you can get reminders of events including calendar, weather, memo, etc. Intercom: users can send messages between homepods or to the entire room. Intercom supports iPhone, iPad, Carplay and applewatch < / P > < p > homepodmini has built-in Siri intelligent assistant, the busiest intelligent assistant in the world. Siri processes more than 25 billion requests per month on more than 1 billion devices. When the iPhone is facing homepodmini, they will communicate with each other, support iheartrio, tunein, and will expand to Pandora and Amazo platforms in the next few months. < / P > < p > homepodmini also has a built-in U1 chip, which can easily interact with other products with this chip through UWB. The computational audio experience includes adjusting the loudness, dynamic range, etc. of the homepod, and is able to measure the room 180 times per second. Of course, it can be used with Apple Music and apple podcasts. Hold your iPhone up on the speakers and they interact. < / P > < p > homepodmini will focus on beautiful sounds with volume buttons at the top. It’s like the brain of the user’s smart home. There is a driver, two passive speakers and an “acoustic wave guide” at the bottom. The apple S5 chip is adopted. The homepodmini is compact and can be easily placed in the kitchen, bookshelf and any place in the home. The built-in Apple S5 chip optimizes the ability to process audio. < / P > < p > Apple is committed to creating a more user-friendly, secure and private experience. We can see a smaller device that is closer to the ball in the film. Homepodmini is a more suitable product for home use. Like the previous homepod, it can also provide high sound quality, built-in intelligent assistant, support intelligent home management, and a series of security and privacy functions. < p > < p > and then the dawn dawned, and the typical CCTV in California lit up everything, and the camera was fixed in the jobs theater. At the Steve Jobs theater, Tim Cook made an appearance to introduce the conference. First, homepodmini. < / P > < p > this year’s iPhone 12 series is also very special. First, this year’s iPhone 12 will have four models and three screen sizes for users to choose from. The iPhone 12 series will be the world’s first smartphone with a 5-nanometer processor, the first iPhone to take off with 128GB of storage capacity, and the first iPhone equipped with 6GB of memory. < / P > < p > the iPhone 12 will also be the first to have 5g connectivity, while both iPhone 12 Pro models will be the first iPhones equipped with lidar sensors similar to those on recent iPad Pro models. Reliable informant @ Kang exposed the key points of the press conference on Weibo, including the new model, photos, selling price and color matching, and the date of sale. < / P > < p > starts at $699 and will be available on November 6 or 7 and on November 13 or 14. The machine adopts dual camera design, wide-angle + ultra wide angle, 64g / 128G / 256g storage options. The color is black, white, red, blue and green < / P > < p > with a starting price of $799, it will be reserved on October 16 or 17, and will be on sale on October 23 or 24. Dual camera, or wide-angle + super wide angle, ƒ / 1.6; 64g / 128G / 256g, available in black, white, red, blue and green < / P > < p > < p > starts at $999 and will be available on October 16 or 17, and will be available on October 23 or 24. Three camera (wide angle, super wide angle, long focus) + lidar, new 7p lens wide angle, ƒ / 1.6, 52mm focal length, the whole system can provide four times optical zoom. 128G / 256g / 512g three storage options, the color is gold, silver, graphite, blue. < / P > < p > < p > starts at $1099 and will be reserved on November 13 or 14 and will be available on November 20 or 21